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How to take advantage of batteries / energy storage and become independent from traditional methods of energy.
Becoming more independent in every aspect of our lives is something we all strive to accomplish, and when it comes to our homes and businesses, energy shouldn’t be the exception.
Did you know that energy storage — more commonly known as batteries — is the fastest developing element of renewable energy today? In fact. according to this Green Tech Media article, one of the predictions for this year’s solar energy trends is that the record for solar storage will be broken. “The second prediction for 2019 is bolder than the first — the observation that the record for solar-plus-storage deployments in 2018 will be broken yet again in 2019. That’s based on the forecast for falling solar and battery prices, combined with a continuation of the federal Investment Tax Credit for solar that can include the cost of batteries as part of the installation,” the article explains.
So how will people and businesses continue to benefit from energy storage? To name a few, energy storage benefits users by:
  • Optimizing your photo-voltaic (PV) system by capturing excess energy produced to be used later on site
  • Expanding the hours you can use clean, self generated power in your home or business
  • Providing greater independence and autonomy from the grid
  • Load-shifting- as batteries store excess energy generated by PV to be used at a later time, typically at night and cloudy days or also during the hours of grid peak pricing rates
  • Working as back-up, in case of emergencies, as it enables your home or business to sustain power during a utility grid outage or commonly known as a “blackout”

You can save money too!

The federal tax credit of 30%*, which fades after 2019, applies towards all costs of battery installation when installed within the same year as PV. Make sure to take advantage before it goes away!
Getting Started

Now that you know the benefits of energy independence, why not get started right away? At Creative Solar USA our energy experts are happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Click here for a free consultation!
*The federal tax credit has upcoming changes. Creative Solar USA does not warrant or guarantee rebates, grants, credits, awards, or ROI. ​See your tax professional to assess which financial advantages will apply to your installation. ​​
<![CDATA[Message from the CEO: This is why Solar could be saving you money this year]]>Thu, 20 Jun 2019 14:38:01 GMThttp://creativesolarusa.com/solarblog/message-from-the-ceo-this-is-why-solar-could-be-saving-you-money-this-year
The savings on an immediate basis Is a challenge. There’re different parts of the country where solar is prominent, and other where it’s not. Regardless, homeowners are accustomed to having a 30-year mortgage or timeline, as opposed to the immediate investment that it would take to add solar to their home. Solar is a 5 - 15 year economic break even which means that there is an additional 15 - 25 years of free on-site electricity and generation. The icing on the cake is that the energy that is produced locally and is money that’s being attributed and benefiting the local community rather than being distributed to countries other than our own.

Gasoline, as a fuel is far more expensive than solar, because solar is a natural energy source from the sun as opposed to money spent on coal and foreign sources of oil. Because we are accustomed to the ever-changing increase of gasoline fluctuation ranging from 20-30% a month, converting to solar and electricity as a fuel in electric vehicles buffers that fluctuation, and reduces the cost of transportation as we know it. Solar and electric vehicles can drop to the equivalent cost of 40 cents per gallon, making it an immediate advantage. Not to mention, within the 25-year warranty period that the solar systems operate in, the systems consistently generate net savings greater than $10,000.

Historically, solar has been restricted to single-family home ownership. And while the utility companies are advancing programs to accommodate solar with apartment dwellers and condominium owners, there’s ongoing lobbying to permit a more direct and greater benefit to renters and owners alike. So, we can expect in the future that the cost drops of home battery storage systems will allow pairing with solar panels to enhance savings and provide better security should outages occur.  

In conclusion, solar is no longer an “if” or and unknown benefit. There are clear benefits surrounding solar energy so there’s no reason to wait. The sooner homeowners start the solar process, the sooner savings will occur.
About Creative Solar USA: Creative Solar USA is a Georgia-based, turn-key installer of innovative solar panel systems, dedicated to alternative energy solutions for your home or business. Become a member of the Creative Solar USA community. We're your solar power resource long after the installation is complete because we don't just build PV systems for our clients – we build relationships.
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Why solar could be the future of transport.

Much like solar panels for homes, solar energy for vehicles has been in the works for a long time, as solar energy could potentially provide enough energy for a car to run. “Like solar-powered homes, solar cars harness energy from the sun by converting it into electricity. This electricity fuels the battery that runs the car's motor. Instead of using a battery, some solar cars direct the power straight to an electric motor.  Great examples of the latest solar powered cars are the University of Michigan solar car, the MIT solar car, and the Berkeley solar car,” this article explains.
So, what are the main solar trends we should be on the lookout for with RVs and vehicles? Here are a few things to know:
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
"Solar-powered vehicles are of two types: electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. An electric vehicle contains electric motors and stores energy in rechargeable batteries. Solar electric vehicles charge their batteries through solar energy. Hybrid vehicles contain two types of power: the internal combustion engine present generally in vehicles and the electric motors to power the vehicle electrically."
For Hybrid vehicles, it is predicted that the market will reach $243.2 billion by 2026.
The Benefits

The environmental benefits of solar panels for cars are undeniable, as they don’t create greenhouse gases as gasoline engines do. On the other hand, people also benefit financially as solar energy is free, widely available, and grants the solar car driver complete independence from foreign oil.
Finally, an often overlooked benefit to solar panels is that they don’t add to the noise pollution because they are silent.
Targeting Millennials

In order to target new audiences, the recreational vehicle industry has been obligated to adopt new, more appealing technologies. According to this USA Today article, "Many of even the smallest RVs and trailers contain solar panels, entertainment systems, and wiring to charge smart phones and tablets far from plug-in power."
Because hybrid cars are environmentally friendlier than conventional gas engine cars and have lower emissions, consumers who prioritize the environment when making their purchases have helped make these cars more popular across the world. But did you know that the car industry is not the only one focusing on the environment? In 2015 a solar-powered aircraft successfully traversed the United States without the use of any fuel whatsoever, and we will continue to see these initiatives as technology continues to advance.

Learn More About Solar Energy

Are you ready to take a step towards solar energy and how it can help power your home or business? Let us help! Contact us today to explore options that'll save you money.

<![CDATA[Solar group donating panel system to local charity​]]>Wed, 22 May 2019 14:28:09 GMThttp://creativesolarusa.com/solarblog/solar-group-donating-panel-system-to-local-charity
Solarize Carrollton-Carroll is donating a solar panel system to Open Hands Ministry as part of the ministry’s efforts to build a new facility on Newnan Road.

The Solarize Carrollton-Carroll coalition is comprised of nonprofits, businesses and individuals who work together to promote the use of solar energy in west Georgia. John Hinman, chair of Solarize Carrollton-Carroll’s steering committee, announced Tuesday the donation of a minimum 4 kilowatt-hour solar panel system to the ministry. This will be installed at the ministry’s new location.

“One hour of solar power offers more electricity than the entire population can use in a year,” Hinman said. “We use coal and natural gas because it’s cheap, reliable and controllable. There’s a fear of change when it comes to using solar power because we’ve always had an electric bill and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

He said Solar CrowdSource of Atlanta is handling the administration of the system and Georgia-based solar company Creative Solar is installing the panels. Through a group purchasing program, 32 residential and three commercial systems have been bought through Solar CrowdSource. By purchasing these systems in bulk, consumers can get the systems at a cheaper price, Hinman said.

“Over a million dollars is being invested in local solar systems for a total output of 370 kilowatts of electricity,” Hinman said. “This will avoid 278,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually.”

A subcommittee of Creative Solar was formed, Hinman said, and a local search was conducted to find an organization to donate the system. He said a percentage of the funds generated by businesses and residences purchasing their systems will fund the panels being donated to Open Hands.
“We were impressed with the organization, and they already have the funds necessary to build the facility and hope to have it done this summer,” Hinman said. “After the building is built, we’ll put the system on the roof. It won’t completely replace outside electricity, but it will reduce their costs.”
The 1.19-acre property located at 501 Newnan Road at the corner of Bledsoe Street was recently donated to Open Hands for the construction of its new operations building.

This allows for the construction of a 5,500-square-foot facility that is five times larger than the ministry’s current location, according to its website.
Sue McGukin, executive director of Open Hands, said the organization has been in need of more space for four years.
She said because having a larger space is a “double-edged sword” with more maintenance costs, the donation of the solar panels will help reduce overhead. The organization plans to bring the design for its new facility before the city in the next few weeks.

Food and financial assistance are offered by Open Hands, as well as referrals to other agencies as needed. The ministry is a collaborative effort by member churches and the community through which services are provided to those in need in Carroll County.
“The fact that we can use this as an aid is fabulous and will give us more latitude,” McGukin said.

“We’re very excited that this will help offset those costs because 86 cents on every dollar goes back into the ministry. This is huge for us.”

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Surge reflects sustained solar market expansion throughout the Southeast

​KENNESAW, GA -- Creative Solar USA experienced record-setting growth during the first quarter of 2019, reflecting a decade-long trend in the growth of the solar energy market in the Southeastern United States.

CEO and Founder of Creative Solar USA, Russell Seifert said he is elated by the company’s role in ongoing solar market expansion throughout the region.
“Residential and commercial solar energy are on pace to have the market’s strongest year ever in Georgia. Creative Solar has seen tremendous revenue growth over the past four quarters,” he said.

​“In our 10th year of business, we performed three times the number of installations in 2019 compared to first quarter 2018. We are confident that we can carry this momentum forward, providing high-quality, affordable solar energy installations to the growing community of businesses and homeowners interested in reducing their electricity bills with clean energy.”

“Our current business strategy is projected beyond a three-year window, reflecting the confidence we have in the industry’s continued growth in our region, and Creative Solar’s strong position within this trend,” said the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, Rob Blatecky.

Georgia solar energy installers are experiencing a surge in demand to complete installations as 2019 marks the final year for consumers to take advantage of the full 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit for clean energy systems. In 2020, the clean energy tax credit begins to decline and will be eliminated entirely for residential consumers by 2022.

For additional information contact Chris McMahan at chris.mcmahan@creativesolarusa.com or 770-485-7438, or visit our website at www.creativesolarusa.com.

About Creative Solar:
Creative Solar USA is a turn-key solar power and energy storage installer based in Kennesaw, GA. Creative Solar works to provide clients with energy management systems that meet or exceed their generation and financial goals.
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How solar energy panels will improve your house for you and future buyers.
When it comes to remodeling and keeping your house looking updated for both your family and potential future resale, homeowners often focus on paint, appliances and other superficial aspects that are aesthetically pleasing. Even though staying on top of every detail is always important, an often forgotten home improvement that could make a huge difference now and when you go to sell your home is implementing solar energy. Here are a few reasons why:
Increase Your Home Value

According to Wholesale Solar, “A recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory concludes that solar panels increase home value by $14,329 on average. Homes equipped with solar power systems sell for 3.74% more than comparable non-solar properties.”

This, in addition to how much you’ll be saving in utilities, makes acquiring solar panels a no brainer from a financial standpoint. Click here to learn why the higher your bill is, the more solar energy benefits you’ll see.
Sell your Home Faster

Studies have shown that solar homes sell 20% faster as solar panels are viewed as upgrades, just like a renovated kitchen or a finished basement. Because potential buyers are aware of the benefits of solar energy, they’ll be more likely to make an offer faster and save you and your family time and effort.

Reap the Benefits Right Away

Even if you’re not planning on selling your home for a few years, solar panels are a great investment because you can start reaping the benefits right away. The main benefits of solar energy are:

  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels
  • Solar may provide energy to your home when the power is out
  • Savings on energy bills now and hedges against rising costs of power in the future
  • ​Better performance than an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  • 30% Individual Federal Tax Credit* (Fades after 2019)
  • Alternative energy leaves a legacy of environmental sustainability to future generations​

So what are other benefits of solar panels when it comes to home resale? Believe it or not, aesthetics is a big one, as solar panels can look good too!
A big concern for those considering solar energy is the thought that their house won’t look as good with bulky, old fashioned panels. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case, as new designs and technologies make solar panels attractive and modern. This HGTV article explains that there are many different options for designs that blend with your home’s architecture. “The latest generation of solar products integrates photovoltaic cells with traditional building materials, such as roof shingles or slates, so they are part of the building, not an add-on,” they explain.
 At Creative Solar USA we’re here to help!

At Creative Solar USA we want to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. This is why we are here to walk you through every step of the journey towards acquiring solar energy. For more information on financial incentives, what to expect and other solar energy benefits, contact us today!
<![CDATA[Solar Tours, New hires and State Rollouts, Oh My! Interview with Creative Solar USA’s CEO, Russell Seifert.]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2019 00:47:13 GMThttp://creativesolarusa.com/solarblog/interview-with-creative-solar-usas-ceo
What do you hope to achieve on this month’s Solar Tour?

More or less, the solar tour this month is an extension of the Solarize Middle GA program, and because there is a low concentration of people in the middle Georgia area, we hope to provide more workshops to educate home and business owners on the cost benefits and overall benefits of solar energy. Our goal is to educate, provide solar industry insights and create new ways of powering homes through using a Sustainable resource like solar energy in the middle GA region.

Our team is growing rapidly. What do you have to say to future employees of Creative Solar USA?

Now’s the time to be excited to join the solar industry. Creative Solar USA has created a sustainable and growing platform that advocates for internal promotions to take place before external hires are made. The benefits of healthcare and a 401K that you’ll soon enjoy are supplied for our talented team to help ensure that those who are passionate and committed to the solar industry are taken care of. We cannot wait to welcome you to one of the coolest solar teams around!

We recently hired Rob Blatecky as VP-Chief of Revenue. Can you tell us a little more about his role and what he will be providing for CSUSA?

Rob is going to help with the outward expansion and growth of the company in our residential market but will also help take on some of the internal responsibilities as well - like supporting operations and helping mitigate cost overruns, so we can provide even better service for our customers down the road and help sustain the great quality workmanship program that we’ve already implemented.

How are sales looking for end of Q1? Are we on track to meet our goals?

We are! We have already had a better quarter than last year by 25% and are expecting an even bigger lift in Q2. Although we’re on track for more growth in Q3, there is a concern regarding the solar panel supply chain shortage. If you’re planning on undergoing a commercial project in Q2, Q3 and Q4, you may face delays and difficulty in getting materials. Panel prices have gone up because of high demand, so naturally, solar pricing may also rise too. However, we feel that because of our long-term relationships with our suppliers, this shortage should not affect our customer base as harshly. 
<![CDATA[Why Solar Energy and Taxes go Together — And How To Benefit From It]]>Tue, 26 Mar 2019 13:12:45 GMThttp://creativesolarusa.com/solarblog/why-solar-energy-and-taxes-go-together

Peanut butter and jelly, coffee and donuts, bees and honey. Some things go undeniably together, but did you know that solar energy and taxes are not far from this list? If you enjoy saving money and we’ve sparked your interest, keep reading to find out why solar and taxes go hand in hand.

Using Your Tax Returns for Solar Energy

After the not-so-fun process of gathering receipts, filing taxes and figuring what half of the words on the forms mean, it’s time to decide what to do with your tax returns. Even though some people like to take advantage of this extra cash and go on vacation or a shopping spree, this TurboTax article explains that there are 12 smart things you could do with your tax refund, and one of them is focusing on making home improvements including energy efficiency measures such as solar power.

Some other benefits to solar energy are:

Immediate money savings on energy bills
Avoiding rising costs of power in the future
Added resale value to your home
Better performance than an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
Solar may provide energy to your home when the power is out
Reduced dependence on fossil fuels
Alternative energy leaves a legacy of environmental sustainability to future generations

Click here to learn more about using your tax returns for solar power and other solar energy benefits.

Taking Advantage of Tax Credits 

Did you know that a taxpayer may claim a credit of 30% of qualified expenditures for a system that serves a dwelling unit located in the United States?

There are a few differences between residential and commercial tax credits. For residential tax credits:

Installs completed in 2019 may receive the 30% federal tax credit.* 
Installs completed in 2020 may receive a 26% federal tax credit.*
Installs completed in 2021 may receive a 22% federal tax credit. 2021 is the final year for the federal tax credit for residential installs.*

For commercial tax credits:

Installs completed in 2019 may receive the 30% federal tax credit.*
Installs completed in 2020 may receive a 26% federal tax credit.*
Installs completed in 2021 may receive a 22% federal tax credit. In 2022 and beyond, the federal tax credit will drop to a permanent 10% for commercial and utility projects.*

*Tax credit information subject to change. Creative Solar USA does not warrant or guarantee rebates, grants, credits, awards, or ROI. See your tax professional to assess which financial advantages will apply to your installation. 

Because the end of 2019 marks the end of the highest percentage you can get for the federal tax credit (30%), now is definitely the time to act!!

In addition to all these financial benefits, solar panels will continue to generate and save money on your energy bills for more than 20 years, as homeowners start saving on utility bills almost immediately after installation. Why would anyone want to skip on these savings?

Contact Us Today

Creative Solar USA is a Georgia-based, turn-key installer of innovative solar panel systems, dedicated to alternative energy solutions for your home or business. Become a member of the Creative Solar USA community. We're your solar power resource long after the installation is complete because we don't just build PV systems for our clients – we build relationships.

<![CDATA[Recent talk with Creative Solar USA’s CEO, Russell Seifert: Q1 and beyond!​]]>Wed, 06 Mar 2019 18:48:01 GMThttp://creativesolarusa.com/solarblog/march-6th-2019

With the state expansion rollout plan emerging, what’s the first thing CSUSA hopes to accomplish?

We want to make sure that we incorporate the best practices, customer service, installation quality all while maintaining great client relations at all times. Our goals are to acquire 200-215 new customers in the 2nd quarter in the Carolinas and state of Florida.

Are there any new product rollouts that we can plan on seeing in the near future?

Established solar companies are rolling out a new way of solar cells to be wired, making them much more efficient. Because of this progression of efficiency, we are excited to be able to offer the best of the best products to our current and future solar clients. Secondly, with LG’s new plant in Alabama, we can make new LG systems from LG solar panels to LG batteries to an LG inverter. That means, that we will have the highest quality system that consumers can purchase in the solar market. 

Why are more businesses going solar this year?

Businesses are going solar because they’re realizing that solar energy makes great economic sense and provides great ROI. Plus, with this being the last year to take advantage of the ITC tax credit, solar panels are already almost sold out for the entire year due to consumers trying to get their projects in for the end of the year! This is really helping push businesses to get the ball rolling.

How has our recent Solarize Middle Ga campaign been performing? What about the solar tour?

The recent Solar tour in middle Ga has had a great impact. We reached several hundred people over the last couple of weeks and were able to educate consumers on the benefits of solar. Because of the media and press efforts surrounding the Solarize Campaign, we have received many inquiries from Middle Ga consumers and we could not be more thrilled!

Tell us more about the panel and speaking event that took place on February 28th, 2019.

It was a very interesting discussion and many people from municipalities and elected officials attended, so it made for a very good and open discussion. I spoke on the topic of solar regulations in Georgia, what needs to change and how I would like to see our elected officials make our state more stable economically when it comes to the renewable energy sector. You can see a live video of this panel discussion here
<![CDATA[Saying “I Do” To Solar Energy: Long Term Commitments for New Couples]]>Wed, 27 Feb 2019 16:21:23 GMThttp://creativesolarusa.com/solarblog/february-27th-2019

​Why new couples are nesting with solar. Heart shaped tattoos and engagement rings are some of the most common ways people demonstrate to their significant other that they’re in it for the long haul. When “love is in the air,” however, there are many ways to show your commitment and showing love, so why not make solar energy one of them? Here are a few ways why new couples are saying “I do” and committing to solar energy.

Saving Money is Better than Chocolate … And It’s Calorie-Free!

If you believe there’s nothing sweeter than a box of chocolates, you should think twice. A few things that affect how much you’ll save with solar energy are: Even though there’s no “one size fits all” to know exactly how much you’ll save by switching to solar energy, the amount could be as high as $30,0000! Take a look at this Energy Sage article for more.

Tax Returns Will Help You Save Too

If your relationship status has changed from “single” to “married” this tax season, why not get even luckier and take advantage of tax breaks with solar energy? The residential federal tax credit allows residents access to a credit of 30%* of qualified expenditures for a system that serves a dwelling unit located in the United States. Expenditures include labor costs for on-site preparation, assembly or original system installation, and other associated costs. This can easily turn your love-hate relationship with taxes into a strictly love one.
Spread the Love

When you’re in love you want to tell the whole world. So why not tell the whole world by also helping save the environment? “Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment. Alternatives to fossil fuels reduce carbon footprint at home and abroad, reducing greenhouse gases around the globe. Solar is known to have a favorable impact on the environment,” this article explains.

Young Couples are Building a Relationship With Solar Energy

One of the many stereotypes for younger generations is that they don’t care as much about global issues and aren’t willing to put in the work for what they want. This myth, however, is definitely debunked when it comes to Millenials’ concern for the environment. Did you know that Millennials are willing to pay more for investments in renewable energy than other demographics? According to this Clean Technica article, “Millennials are knowledgeable and smart about electricity services and want to use clean energy for their homes while utilizing the power of the Internet.”

Believe it or not, younger couples are also choosing solar energy for their homes. Not only for themselves and their significant others, but also for future generations.

Are you ready to say “I love you” with solar energy? Let us hold your hand through the process! At Creative Solar USA, our comprehensive project approach gives you the power to choose, and with zero money down payment options now available, solar is more affordable than ever. Even better, new home-buyers can include the cost of solar within their mortgage loan, thereby making solar a positive investment from day one. The portion of the mortgage financing the solar installation is typically LESS THAN the savings on electricity bills and the increased home value. Contact us to learn more!