Just as quickly as end-of-year holidays come and go, Valentine’s day is another time that we are encouraged to share how much we love and care for our significant others and families. Even though chocolates, flowers and dinner reservations (did you know that in 2015 OpenTable reported 2 million diners seated on Valentine’s day?) are some of the most fun ways to show your affection and appreciation, here are five ways in which taking advantage of solar energy will tell the love of your life “I love you” for a longer time:

Help them lower utility bills 

Because solar panels generate their own power, your utility bill can quickly decrease in a matter of weeks. Even though this will entirely depend on your location and energy consumption, it’s likely that the higher your bill is, the more solar energy benefits you’ll see

Just thinking about these cost savings should be enough to give you butterflies!

Be Easier on the environment 

The Environment Georgia Center explains that transitioning to clean, renewable energy will improve our health by preventing hazardous air pollution, and has the capability to meet all of our electricity needs in the not-so-distant future. Becoming a part of this movement not only shows your love for your loved one, but for Mother Earth too.

Potential Tax Credits

Did you know that a residential federal tax credit allows residents a credit of 26% of qualified expenditures for a solar power system that serves a dwelling unit located in the United States? Expenditures include labor costs for on-site preparation, assembly or original system installation, and other associated costs. The full 30% credit is available only until the end of 2019 and decreases thereafter. Taking advantage of this can easily turn your love-hate relationship with taxes into a strictly love one.

Enjoy Savings from day one

A solar power system has a 30+ year lifespan and starts reducing your bill as soon as it is activated. Further, financing options are available to help homeowners get started. So in 2019, it’s worth installing solar panels at your home while the 30% tax credit is still in place — as a short and long term love demonstration. Click here to learn more about other savings options!

Take Advantage of Decreasing Prices

For years, there has been a false idea that solar panels are almost impossible to afford due to their high cost. However, studies show that the cost of solar power is rapidly decreasing. According to this Business Insider article, “The rapidly declining cost of solar is a sign that the world may be on the verge of a dramatic change in how we power our buildings and vehicles. The price drop is likely to spur a shift toward renewable power sources like wind and solar and away from fossil fuels like oil and coal.” You’ll love these savings more than you love 50% off chocolate the day after cupid’s celebration!

Ready to say “I do” to solar energy this Valentine’s Day? Choose us! At Creative Solar USA we will continue to hold your hand even after installation is done. The reason? We don’t just build systems for our clients — we build relationships. 

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