Time of Use Rates and How Solar + Battery Storage Can Help

Not all electricity consumption is the same – at least according to your electricity company. Thisis why, some utility providers offer their customers what are called “time of use rates.” Time ofuse rates are essentially a rate structure where electricity costs more or less depending on thetime of day it is being used.When you stop…

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Is Solar a Scam

solar scams

Is solar a scam??“You’re going solar? Buddy, I’ve got news for you – solar is a total scam! That’s right. Just a trickplayed on nice, unsuspecting homeowners by slick salesmen blown in from out of town lookingto make a buck peddling the pipedream of independent, reliable energy.”If you’ve been vocal about your journey into solar…

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Solar Shingles & Solar Panels: An Overview

solar shingles and panels

The home energy revolution began in the 1970s with classical solar modules – what youprobably call solar panels. For the next few decades, homeowners who were interested inharnessing the abundant, free energy which bombarded their rooftops every day would needto rely on solar arrays composed of these modules. On average, a home solar system in…

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Solar In Atlanta

solar in atlanta

The state of Georgia has always had a close relationship with the energy we get from the sun with our history of agriculture. More recently, this relationship has evolved to include the benefits we can reap from solar energy. The only president from Georgia, Jimmy Carter, famously put a solar array on top of the…

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Tesla Inverter and Battery

tesla inverter

Tesla Batteries and Inverters – Do They Live Up to the Hype? The Tesla brand has rocketed to superstardom over the last decade for two main reasons: 1. Their dominance of the Electric Vehicle (EV) market2. The charismatic (and polarizing) leadership style of Elon Musk You’d have to be living under a rock to be…

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Creative Solar Now Installing Roofs

I Think I Need a Roofer How’s your roof holding up these days? Chances are, you haven’t checked in a few weeks… or months. And we get it! The interior and front facing exterior of your home tend to receive more attention than other parts. If you’ve accidentally let your rooftop fade out of sight…

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Atlanta Roof Replacement Cost

When it comes to considering solar, many a savvy homeowner will have questions about the direct cost of the system. Direct costs are easy to identify off the top of ones’ head. How much will the system materials and installation cost? Labor? What incentives are available to me in my area? How much is my…

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Pareto Principle and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV)

hybrid complexity

Some time ago, I ran into an article written by Dan Neil on the Wall Street Journal titled “Next to Tesla, Plug-In Hybrids Are an Illusion of Eco-Consciousness”. He argues that plug-in hybrid vehicles are essentially a joke. He states that they are designed to make the driver feel better about their environmental footprint, but…

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Solar Panel Financing : The True Cost

Solar panel financing protect homeowners from a large upfront cash purchase and rising electrical rates. As interest rates go up at unpredictable speeds, the cost of borrowing money is making all loan options more expensive. However, if we look at the rate at which electricity prices are increasing, we will find that financing solar panels…

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Federal Solar Tax Credit Increase

Federal Solar Tax Credit Changes Solar energy will take off with the federal solar tax credit increase from the Inflation Reduction Act. The tax credit was previously 26% for the year 2022, 22% for the year 2023, and 0% for the year 2024 (10% for commercial ). With much support for clean energy in the…

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Sonnen Battery VS Tesla Powerwall 2

Producing some of the best lithium batteries on the market is no easy task. The Sonnen Battery and the Tesla Powerwall 2 are excellent choices and today we break down each and what battery you should go with. Sonnen Battery Size Let’s start with going over dimensions. Sonnen Core has German engineering with American innovation.…

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