Solar Panel Financing : The True Cost

Solar panel financing protect homeowners from a large upfront cash purchase and rising electrical rates. As interest rates go up at unpredictable speeds, the cost of borrowing money is making all loan options more expensive. However, if we look at the rate at which electricity prices are increasing, we will find that financing solar panels…

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Federal Solar Tax Credit Increase

Federal Solar Tax Credit Changes Solar energy will take off with the federal solar tax credit increase from the Inflation Reduction Act. The tax credit was previously 26% for the year 2022, 22% for the year 2023, and 0% for the year 2024 (10% for commercial ). With much support for clean energy in the…

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Sonnen Battery VS Tesla Powerwall 2

Producing some of the best lithium batteries on the market is no easy task. The Sonnen Battery and the Tesla Powerwall 2 are excellent choices and today we break down each and what battery you should go with. Sonnen Battery Size Let’s start with going over dimensions. Sonnen Core has German engineering with American innovation.…

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Enphase IQ Battery VS Generac PWRCell

Deciding what solar battery storage is the right one can be a complicated choice. In today’s market, it seems like more and more options are coming online and the confusion keeps getting larger. We have your back. Today we are comparing the differences and similarities between the Enphase IQ battery and the Generac PWRCell. Battery…

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Telsa Powerwall 2 VS Generac PWRCell

tesla powerwall 2 generac pwrcell

With increasing competition in the battery industry going with a Tesla Powerwall 2 or a Generac PWRCell is a hard choice. Today we break down which is better at what, and the main differences.  Battery SizeTesla’s compact size makes it suitable to fit in tight spaces smaller homes. They come in at 30 inches wide,…

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Tesla Powerwall 2 Vs Enphase IQ Battery

tesla power wall 2 enphase iq battery

In this changing world, reliability is in scarcity but battery storage is the solution.  Tesla Powerwall 2 and Enphase IQ battery seem to be some of the battery options that are taking over the industry and with much reason. They both are able to provide protection and save homeowners money. Today we break down which…

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The Rise of the Commercial Solar Installation Sector

ASHRAE grand opening Solar system ribbon cutting

Achieving Net Zero Energy: ASHRAE’S Journey Have you ever seen a sea of solar panels over a parking lot or above a building you visited? If you answered, not really, you are not alone. Although, Georgia’s rank is 11th in the nation for total solar production, most of it is utility scale. Unfortunately, offices and…

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