I Think I Need a Roofer

How’s your roof holding up these days?

Chances are, you haven’t checked in a few weeks… or months. And we get it! The interior and front facing exterior of your home tend to receive more attention than other parts. If you’ve accidentally let your rooftop fade out of sight and out of mind, you’re certainly not alone.

But, as you probably guessed, a neglected roof can lead to serious problems.

Just for starters…

  • Leaks: Over time, your roof can deteriorate, crack, or become damaged, leading to leaks. This can cause water damage to the interior of the building and can encourage growth of mold and mildew.
  • Structural damage: A deteriorating roof can put additional stress on the underlying structure, causing it to weaken and potentially become unsafe.
  • Energy inffieciency: Roof insulation goes downhill over time. If you have an old roof with poor insulation, it could be difficult to keep your house at a comfortable temperature and your energy bill may shoot up.
  • Poor appearance: A worn-out roof can detract from the overall appearance of the building and reduce its curb appeal.
  • Decreased property value: A damaged roof can lower the value of a property and make it harder to sell.
  • Health hazards: Mold and mildew growth resulting from long-term leaks can cause health problems for those living or working in the building.

If that’s not bad enough, having an old roof adds complications if you are considering buying solar panels. At Creative Solar USA, we’ve seen this scenario play out many times…

You decide to go solar, calculate your up front cost and long term savings, and you start getting excited about the benefits of having a solar-powered home or office. Then, the installer calls with bad news – your old roof will need to be replaced in the next few years. If you want to continue with the process, you’ll have to get a whole new roof, and that will require more time and money than you were prepared for.

Fortunately, we have a solution:

Creative Solar USA Now Provides Roofing Services

Creative Solar USA is expanding its services to include roof replacement and repair. Now you can have your roof evaluated as part of our on-site survey. If you need a new roof prior to installing solar panels, we can include that service in our project quote. You won’t need to contact a roofing company or shop around on your own; we’ll handle the entire project from start to finish.

Also, if any repairs need to take place after you have solar installed, we can take care of that too! You won’t have to worry about your system being damaged while your roof is being repaired, because we installed the system and know how to safely remove and re-install all the hardware.

CSUSA – Serving Georgia Customers since 2008

Creative Solar USA is a solar panel installation company based in Kennessaw, GA. Since 2008, we’ve provided high quality, sustainable solar power to Georgia homes and businesses. Our expert solar associates provide unmatched product knowledge, NABCEP certified installation, and attentive customer service from start to finish.

For 15 years, we have made getting rooftop solar a pain-free experience for Georgia customers. Now, we’re including roof replacement and repairs to our list of pain-free services. 
Request a quote online here: https://creativesolarusa.com/georgia-roofing-local-company/

Or, give us a call at 770-485-7438 and we’ll get you started with an on-site assessment.

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