​​Trenton, GA – Creative Solar USA has completed its installation of a solar generation facility on the roof of Dade County High School.
A grant from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority helped pay the upfront cost of solar equipment that will extend the school’s energy conservation efforts.

The 60-kilowatt installation is part of ongoing improvements that reduce energy, utility costs and greenhouse emissions in school operations. Earlier efforts included a new energy-efficient HVAC system for the school and LED lights, said Dr. Jan Harris, superintendent of Dade County Schools.Already, she said, savings from those efforts have helped to allow funds previously consumed by utility bills to be directed into other school needs. “We’re hoping the solar panels will help reduce our [utility] cost even more,” she said. She said Dade County is proud to have the solar panels in place, and the team found the installation process to be a positive experience. Schools across the nation are on the forefront of solar energy adoption. 

Not only do the utility bill savings allow more resources to be devoted to classroom needs like supplies and teacher salaries, the solar technology provides inspiration to students for STEM subjects. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, about 5 percent of the nation’s schools now use solar energy. Across the U.S., more than 5,500 U.S. elementary, middle and high schools have deployed 910 megawatts of solar, enough to power 190,000 homes.Russell Seifert, CEO of Creative Solar USA, said he is proud to contribute to this dual-purpose infrastructure for schools in Georgia. “Schools are adopting solar because their mission is focused on creating a better future in every community,” Seifert said. “Today’s solar technology is better and more cost-effective than ever. 

As a company, Creative Solar USA supports STEM education and creating systems that provide meaningful savings and clean energy for decades.”
Learn more from this video: https://youtu.be/LtOxNsSP_sY

Founded in 2008, Creative Solar USA is a Georgia-based, turn-key installer of innovative solar panel systems, dedicated to alternative energy solutions for home and business. The company’s experienced and certified installation professionals use the highest quality solar panels and products with industry best practices to customize every PV installation.

For more information, visit www.creativesolarusa.com.

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