While we all are doing our part to ‘flatten the coronavirus curve’ by social-distancing it’s the perfect time to let the sunshine in your home by looking into a new solar energy and energy storage system!

In order to continue to make solar accessible for everyone Creative Solar USA is excited to offer FREE and easy VIRTUAL solar assessments!

So, while you are stuck at home, why not take a moment to look into a new solar energy system? Using powerful online solar assessment and communication tools we’re able to do a full solar-assessment and provide you with a complete and accurate system production and financial analysis to show you how much a solar energy system can save you on your monthly utility costs!

Creative Solar USA can even complete your whole solar install without ever needing to enter your home!

Solar Energy is one of the most stable investments you can choose to make, with guaranteed returns for residential solar energy systems of 8% annually. You’ll always need electricity in your home and the rates for electricity from your utility will continue to go up, investing in solar today ensures that you are the producer of your own electricity for decades to come. Solar Energy systems also increase the value of your home by an average of $10,000-$15,000! And with our competitive financing options, you’ll eliminate the high upfront cost of solar energy and to help your electricity costs in the first month!

A solar energy system on your home will also bring security to your power supply, ensuring that your home is protected against power-outages when coupled with a battery energy storage system like the Tesla Powerwall 2 or sonnenBatterie.

Learn how you can offset 75%+ of your electricity costs today by signing up for a FREE VIRTUAL solar assessment!

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Phone Consultation: A 15-20 minute phone-call or facetime with your solar consultant to help us learn about your home/business and identify your goals
  2. Energy Analysis: Get your utility bills ready! You’ll receive an analysis of your utility’s solar policies and your electricity costs which helps us properly size a solar energy system according to your needs. You can send us your energy usage information here.
  3. Incentive Analysis: Your Creative Solar consultant will find all applicable tax credits, rebates, grants, and incentives for your system
  4. Preliminary Rendering: Your Creative Solar consultant will create a rendering of the solar energy system on your home or business with a detailed shading analysis using high-powered satellite imagery, heat-mapping and LiDar technology, 
  5. Environmental and Financial Analysis: Your Creative Solar consultant will create a detailed solar proposal that includes an assessment of the environmental benefits of a solar energy system as well as a financial analysis that lays out all the costs and details future utility savings, ROI, and Payback period for your turn-key solar energy system
  6. Virtual Solar Assessment: A 30-45 minute virtual solar assessment with your Creative Solar consultant where we will tour your home to ensure it is “Solar-Ready” and go over your solar energy proposal and the process for going solar with Creative Solar USA
  7. Solar Agreement Approval: Your solar agreement for a new solar energy and energy storage system can be signed online!
  8. Your Solar is Installed: Once the proposal is accepted our team will install your PV system. Installation is typically completed within one day. Then we will walk you through the steps of how to monitor your systems production.

Solar is more affordable than ever, and as installation costs come down, the benefits of solar for your home, your lifestyle and community are more accessible than ever, too. Along with our competitive financing options that offer ZERO DOLLARS DOWN it’s a perfect opportunity to start saving with solar!!

The Creative Solar USA team of professionals provides cost-effective and clean, renewable energy to homeowners, businesses, and their communities. 

 Join the Creative Solar USA community of solar-powered homeowners TODAY by calling 770.485.7438 ext 321 and see how much solar can save you!

Interested in learning more about going solar? Visit CreativeSolarUSA.com

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