Setting the record straight about solar energy.

One of the big questions floating around today is the ability to get energy to everyone across the globe. We saw first hand the power of nature in Texas this year, which caused the topic to spark attraction again. Many are now asking, what are our other options outside of oil? So, with so many questions floating around, we decided to set the record straight about a few solar energy myths we commonly hear that deters people from switching away from fossil fuels and to renewable energy.

Solar Energy Myths #1: Solar Only Works When it’s Sunny & Can Not Replace the Grid

While solar energy can not produce energy every hour of every day, the electricity it generates CAN be consumed anytime on or off the grid. Many assume solar energy leaves one vulnerable to energy supply depletion, however with new technology and energy storage systems, one can use the energy produced by the solar array any time, regardless of the grid’s power being on or off.

Some argue that common electricity grids ran on fossil fuels are designed to address variability in customers’ energy demands. However when the grid does go down as we recently saw in Texas one must consider other forms of energy. This is why many who had solar panels on their home during the Texas storms had power, as they were not reliant on the utility grid. Their energy storage unit stored any unused energy produced by the solar array for use at night or when the sun is not shining allowing them to survive the horrible storms.

The energy generated by natural gas or coal fired generators shifts in the U.S. and almost every area as power provided by wind or solar is available. The form of renewable energy is dependent upon the hour and the mix of grid generation at the time. Solar and wind turbines have dominated new power plant constructions in the USA over recent years, with the continuing retirement of fossil fuel plants, primarily coal-fired power plants. 

Solar Energy Myths #2: Solar Is Harmful to the Environment

The US has taken significant steps within the last few decades to sophisticate the effectiveness of minimizing impacts of solar arrays. Many even use their solar array as an oasis for livestock or even plant-life as it protects the ground beneath a ground mounted solar array. On a rooftop, the solar array will protect the roof from wearing more quickly because it blocks the roof surface from the impacts of the environment.

Even more, solar energy can provide co-benefits. While farmers and ranchers still use their sites for agriculture and or grazing they can also provide annual revenues from their solar energy system. At Creative Solar USA, with each energy system receiving the best solar siting practices we identify and minimize any negative impacts your solar energy array could have.

We take all aspects into consideration such as wildlife protection, enhancement of soil quality and water retention, nursery and pollinator friendly plants. Additionally farmers can earn get grants and tax incentives making solar energy a no-brainer.

Plus, with solar panels being able to produce their energy directly it decreases the amount of pollution in the environment caused by gas pipelines, coal barges, propane trucks, railroads, etc.

Solar Energy Myths #3: Solar Energy Costs More than it’s Worth

It’s a well-known fact that prices for the technology required to produce solar panels has fallen dramatically in the last few decades. BloombergNEF shows the cost of electricity for utility-scale solar has fallen 9% and 4% since the second half of 2019 – to $44 and $50/MWh.

As a result of this decreased cost of utility-scale solar makes it one of the cheapest sources of power across two-thirds of the globe. Energy storage has also seen the fastest world-wide cost decrease across all technologies to $150/MWh, from $600/MWh back in 2015. Making now the perfect time to add solar energy to your home or business!

For all the facts on solar energy, give us a call. With our 10+ years of experience and expertise we are happy to guide you through each step of the process and answer any and all questions you have.

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