Solar energy is on the rise in Georgia.

Recognizing this growing demand and low solar prices, solar companies from far and wide have been opening up in Georgia. Although some of these new solar companies are welcome additions. As they are helping to broaden the substantial solar energy market in Georgia. 

However, there are others where we warn, Buyers Beware!

Not every solar company is the same. Unfortunately, there are legal ways to hurt solar customers but fear not, we’re here to help guide you through the process!

Have you seen lots of advertisements on social media sites lately offering “free” or “no-cost” solar power? 

Some of these advertisements or solar scams falsely claim that residents in Georgia are eligible for non-existent city or county rebates & grants. Other organizations will promote “Free Solar Panels”. These misleading advertisements are spreading across social media.

In addition to expert advice about the energy needs of your home or business. A solar consultation is a very important part of your solar shopping experience. 

Going solar can be one of the best decisions a home or business owner can make. As long as they are provided the right data, details, and choices. 

At Creative Solar USA, we take an educational approach to home and business solar energy consultations. Our NABCEP certified staff strives to provide the highest quality consultations and put your stated interests FIRST. 

Below we list four common mistakes solar companies and consultants make that you need to watch out for.

Creative Solar USA - Ways Solar Companies Can Hurt Clients

 Solar Scams #1. Solar Energy System Sizing

Beware of solar energy salespeople who want to fill your roof with as many solar panels as possible. Typically this can reflect that their main goal is just to lock in a big sale. For seasoned solar experts who care about their customers’ needs and priorities, this is a major pet peeve. In the past, it has lead to industry-wide untrue ‘solar scam’ rumors.

A good solar consultant will spend time learning how much energy your home actually consumes. Sizing a system to “offset” 100+% of your energy needs might look great on paper. But the real system may not actually reduce 100% of your annual energy BILL. 

Ensure you get the full benefit from solar energy, find a specialist with a keen understanding of your utility’s metering policies. 

At Creative Solar USA, we take time to understand and analyze your energy needs. As a part of our detailed consultation process, we not only examine your electricity bills but also get to know you. As well as your interest, and goals for a solar energy system. 

During part of our consultation process, we will be asking a few questions about your consumption. Questions like “do you anticipate buying an electric vehicle in the near future”. Or “how many hours per day are you at home, vs at work/school” to understand your energy usage.

Answers to these questions will assist in sizing a solar energy system that allows you to reduce any unused energy. While still generating electricity and saving as much as possible.

 2. Understanding YOUR Electric Company’s Solar Policy

Georgia has over 94 Electric Utilities in 159 counties. Each with its own set of solar metering and interconnection policies, fees, and rebates. Some of these utilities have put in place roadblocks to solar energy. These roadblocks make it difficult for home and business owners to save on their utility bills with clean solar energy.

Homeowners with the same solar energy system but different utility may save drastically different amounts of money on their electricity bills. This is why it’s vital that your solar consultant understands your electric utility’s solar energy policy.

Cobb EMC customers, for instance, may see more savings on a solar energy system sized to offset 80% of their annual power bill. But they won’t receive the $4,500 rebate that Jackson or Diverse Power customers can receive. Similarly, a Greystone EMC customer might save 30-50% less on that same sized solar energy system and get no rebates!

Each of these unique utility policies will dictate how your solar energy savings perform. They will also influence the size and type of solar energy system that a quality solar consultant should recommend. In order to meet your stated goals and interests in going solar. 

A quality solar consultant will spend time reviewing how electricity bills with the addition of solar, will potentially save you. Out of state or new solar companies may simply not be aware of Georgia’s diverse utility landscape. 

They may also not know how to find the correct information from the utility. Creative Solar USA has worked in every major electric utility territory in the state. Over the past 12 years, we have developed relationships and acquired knowledge to ensure we work seamlessly with your utility provider.

 3. Offering All Available Solar Incentives!

Some solar consultants give poor financial advice. Incentives such as federal tax breaks and state tax credits. State, grant opportunities, utility rebates, and financing options should all be covered. 

Failing to remind a customer of a discount, loan, or award available means thousands of dollars in savings missed. Other solar consultants may also falsely represent available credits and incentives. 

For example, some solar energy adopters may receive a federal tax rebate after their federal solar tax credit. However, the current solar energy tax credit is not a rebate it is a tax credit. 

We have acquired a deep knowledge of available solar energy rebates and incentives in Georgia since our start in 2008. CSUSA has worked with federal, state, utility, and non-profit agencies. All in an effort to help secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in available solar energy incentives for our clients. 

 4. Getting Stuck On One Solar Product

Your solar energy system should be customized to meet your particular goals, with your particular energy demands, on your particular roof. 

While many high-quality solar panels and solar inverters may have similar performance and aesthetic characteristics, each will differ slightly. And their differences are in ways that could significantly change the system’s ability to meet your goals!

Some solar installers have catered relationships with a specific solar panel company or solar inverter manufacturer. With this, it can be required that they exclusively offer one brand or product to all their customers. While these solutions might be great for some home or business, they likely aren’t the best options for most others.

Instead, look for a solar energy consultant that is a certified partner with a variety of reputable solar panel and inverter manufactures and distributors. As well as a variety of panel manufacturers that increase energy efficiency. This will enable our system designer to tailor your solar energy solution to your needs and goals. We partner with dozens of Tier-One solar panel module manufacturers like QCell, REC, Solaria, Panasonic, Jinko, and LG. 

Creative Solar USA is a certified installer of inverter and battery energy storage systems. Including Enphase, SolarEdge, sonnen, LG, Tesla Powerwall, Panasonic, Generac, and more. 

Creative Solar USA number one solar energy company in Georgia

Have intermittent shading on your roof in the winter-time? We have the solar panel for that. 

Want a solar inverter solution with a 25-year warranty? We have the inverter for that. 

Need to maximize energy density on your small roof? We have the panel for that. 

This broad expertise gives us the flexibility to recommend and install the solar energy solution best tailored to meet your needs! Give us a call TODAY and schedule your free solar consultation!

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