clipper creek charge

Charge your EV with your own power.

We're proud to install electric vehicle chargers for residential and commercial purposes.

Clipper Creek and Tesla EV Chargers offer some of the top and fastest charging on the market. We make this feature of adding to your home easy by doing your solar + battery installation

Future proof your home with level 2 chargers and have the security of never running out of fuel again. We are a one stop shop for all electrification needs. 

  • Power your EV with clean energy
  • Keep your family powered even in grid outages
  • Reduce your electric bills by adding an EV and subscribing to an EV time of use electric vehicle rate

Secure your reservation for a Tesla Level 2 charger and have your vehicle ready to go when you reservation arrives. We have installed hundreds of Tesla Powerwalls and it only makes sense to add an EV charger next.

tesla ev charger