It’s an exciting time for Georgia Power customers to install a Solar Energy system for your home or business! Last year, the Georgia Public Service Commission unanimously approved a motion requiring Georgia Power to purchase excess solar power at a retail rate over the course of the month. This change will help Georgia Power customers who install solar energy systems save an average of 30% MORE off their power bills, support economic growth, create local jobs, and promote clean energy!

However, the program is only available to the first 5,000 rooftop solar customers who sign up!

Our team here at Creative Solar USA is staying in contact with representatives of Georgia Power as they design plans to implement this new Monthly Net Metering policy. Here’s what we know so far, and what you need to do to join the program:

What is Monthly Net Metering?
When the sun is out and your solar panels produce energy that energy is first consumed in your home or business. If the solar panels are producing more energy than is being consumed by the house or facility at that moment, the excess energy is then sent to the electric grid in exchange for credits on your monthly utility bill. Net Energy Metering (NEM) in essence ensures that you receive a full retail credit for that instantaneous excess energy.

At night, or during other times when your panels are under-producing, you’ll pull energy from the electric grid and use the credits earned during times of excess energy production to offset the cost of the energy you pulled from the grid. As long as you consume your excess solar energy (either directly from the solar panels when it is created or from the credits attained from over-production and then used when you draw from the utility) you will receive the full retail value of all the electricity your solar produces. Keep in mind though, these “credits” DO NOT roll-over to your next month’s bill. Any Solar energy you produce in excess of your total monthly consumption from the utility will be given a smaller wholesale credit, called “avoided cost”. This avoided cost rate tends to be about ¼ of the value of the retail credit. 

How is this different from Georgia Powers’ old solar metering?
Previously, Georgia Power used “instantaneous netting of energy” to calculate the value of solar energy sent back to their grid. This meant that ANY solar power you ever sent to Georgia Power would only receive the wholesale or “avoided cost” rate.  In the new program, netting will be according to the overall monthly consumption/solar production allowing solar customers to better capitalize on the energy production of their systems.

How many people can sign-up for the monthly net metering program?
Georgia Power’s monthly net metering program is only available to the first 5,000 rooftop solar customers who sign up! Georgia Power already has approximately 1,000 participants with existing solar energy systems eligible for the program. That means that there are about ~4,000 slots left!

Who is eligible for the monthly net metering program?
Any residential, commercial, or industrial customer of Georgia Power who installs a solar energy system on their property. Residential customers must install systems no greater than 10kW(ac) per meter and commercial/industrial customers must install a system no greater than 250kW (ac) per meter. Our team at Creative Solar USA can help you determine what size solar energy system is best suited for the needs of your home or business.

If I already have solar panels on my roof what do I need to sign-up?
We’re still learning more but IF you got your installation from Creative Solar USA you should already be signed up for the “Renewable NonRenewable (RNR)” or “Energy offset only” solar metering plans with Georgia Power. Anyone already signed-up for RNR will not need to do anything to sign-up for monthly net metering. Georgia Power is expected to begin metering your solar with the new monthly netting formula when they have completed their internal implementation plans. You can find which program you are registered for by looking on the second page of your electricity bill under “Rate Rider”:


When can I expect to see the new monthly net metering on my bill?!
Georgia Power is working on implementing the new program into the way that they calculate your bill and we expect that the changes will occur in the next several months. But have no fear! According to Georgia Power representatives, the changes will be RETROACTIVE so that all your 2020 utility bills will be corrected to ensure you receive credit for monthly net metering starting from January 2020!!

How do I sign up for monthly net metering if I don’t have solar on my home yet?
Call Creative Solar USA at 77-485-7438 today to get a free solar consultation and get signed up to get your solar energy system installed! Here at Creative Solar USA we are a full-service solar installer so we will handle all the paperwork to get you signed up for the program. Don’t wait! There are roughly only 4,000 slots available and this program will get fully subscribed quickly!

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