Why are Businesses and Homeowners Choosing Creative Solar USA To Do Their Roof?

The main reason businesses and homeowners are going with us, a Georgia local roofing company, to do their roof and solar is to have a one stop shop approach. We take 100% responsibility.



Benefits of Going With Us

Easiy low interest financing available for roofing systems

Each penetration on the roof and the solar is covered under a hollistic wararnty

All colors and roof materials available to choose from

Most complete warranty on the market

Highest quality materials and energy saving products used

Quick and easy commitment free quotes


Looking for just a roof system, how about just a solar system, or maybe both. We are here to quote you on either option

Getting a quote can be in less than 60 seconds for a solar system. It can be as short as 45 seconds for a roof.

The fine print is what we specialize in and we always let the homeowner know to read ours as we back it 100%.

Get flexible payment plans with our loan providers and get the latest and greatest material options for higher efficiency performing home.

Roofing Systems Explained

There are many unseen and unrecognized items and work that goes into redoing a roof. There are thousands of punctures in your roof that could potentially lead to leaks and major damager. Our team is trained to install each nail correctly and take pride in their work. Our efficiency and precision makes the difference in your peace of mind and ability to trust in the choice you make. Being a proud Georgia local solar and roofing company we have the highest commitment to earn your business and treat each project as if it were our own home or business.


Architectural shingles has 30+ year lifespans

Warranty on all your Solar & Roof Penetrations

The biggest issue a solar owner can experience is whose fault is it if the roof leaks after solar panels and what happens to the warranty of a roof. In many instances there is a lot of finger pointing and back and forth which results in the customer getting frustrated. We are here to make sure this is a problem of the past.

  1. When you first get in touch with us, a team member will answer any questions you have, learn more about your roof age and if you qualify for an insurance claim route.
  2. Your roof consultant will provide a time to go over options, potential damage, pricing, timelines, and all benefits of also getting solar or not exploring solar.
  3. At the on-site consultation, we’ll request home owners insurance information if making a claim is the appropriate choice and we will go over the steps to expect.
  4. After funding approval your project will get underway.
  5. Incase of additional damage that cannot be seen until existing shingles are removed we will educate you on the steps we take to ensure no harm to the rest of the home.
  6. After project completion we walk you through everything and ensure waste clean up is superb.

Get New Roof Pricing / Derack & Rerack Panels


What Our Clients Are Saying

“The entire team at Creative Solar USA was great. They answered all of our questions and walked us through the entire process from start to finish. They were a great company to work with.” – Bo Quick, Senior Director of Environmental at Southwire

- Southwire

“Solar is a great opportunity to save money, but not only that it’s also a great opportunity for us to work with local companies like sonnen and Creative Solar USA.” – Frank Auman, Mayor of Tucker Ga

- Tucker Recreation Center

“We are so grateful to Creative Solar, they’ve been just an absolute dream to work with. Even in the middle of this COVID hit.” – Bren Dubay Director of Koinonia Farm Community

- Koinonia Farm

“They installed a 10k system on my business and a 5k system on my home. Both installations went well and are producing roughly what Creative Solar predicted.”

- Sean Butler

“If you want to learn more and/ or are considering investing in residential, talk to folk who know what’s going on and who provide wonderful care and service. The Creative Solar team will help you understand what’s going on and find the best solution for you. I had a wonderful experience; great knowledge and personal care; no pressure at all; and support during what turned out (with some issues we encountered around a battery) to be an extended process. I can’t say enough good things!”

- Gareth Young

“Glad to say, my system has been installed and is on line and there hasn’t been a single day that my electric meter hasn’t run in reverse. So, in conclusion, I highly recommend Creative Solar for all the above reasons, based on my experience with them. And when I’m ready to add a Generac unit to my clean energy system, Creative Solar can expect to get yet another call, from me!”

- Eric Byas