So, tell us what’s going on? What have you been up to since we last interviewed you?

I’ve been mentoring a smart kid on stats on solar energy, return on investments, solar production and the various things that affect it. His name is Eric Holder and he’s a Senior at North Cobb high school. He recently attended his solar presentation and I must say, he did an outstanding job!

Last weekend was Mayor’s Day. I spoke about solar and how it’s impacting communities and cities and how our new elected officials need to embrace and adapt to it for the better of the community. We also talked about how solar can reduce long-term overhead expenses. I’ve also been preparing for 2019 and how to better serve our customers. Creative Solar USA has large goals and with strategy and dedication, we will meet them.

What are our goals? What’re we looking out for?

More or less, my job is focused on the relations and keeping an eye on IRP and what Georgia Power is going to do next. It will have a big impact on solar in the state and will dictate whether or not Georgia Power is for the people or if they’re regulating it and gearing it for their benefit and away from the people. Will they be more liberal to help their customers? Or will they create more roadblocks? That’s what I’m waiting to see.

We hear you’re working on a video Series: What’s coming next?

We’re going to be providing product information and breaking down the different parts of solar installations. We will also be teaching about energy storage (and how it will help the consumer long-term). In the near future, we are considering filming a video about some of the debunking of solar to clear up some of the hearsay as well. Stay tuned!

What’re our employees up to? Any new training?

We are constantly training and striving to better our knowledge and skill. We’re branching off into Florida and the Carolinas and with that on the horizon, we’re focused on our strategy to maintain a strong presence and to be a reliable customer-service oriented organization.

Who are you rooting for in the Super bowl?

My votes on the Rams! I always support the underdog.

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