With 2019 approaching, what are some resolutions CSUSA wants to accomplish in the new year?

We want to cut down on the time frame from the time a customer buys a system to the time it is installed. Our residential sales have doubled and our energy storage demand has tripled. We need to really focus on creating a more consumer focused organization, because without our customers, we wouldn’t exist. We want to put their needs and wants first. Being customer centric is key.

Are there any new challenges that await the solar industry ahead? How will we face them?

The new challenges are how many consumers are inquiring about energy storage and making sure the energy storage systems they plan on purchasing are going to fulfill their needs. In late 2018 we experienced a supply shortfall with a well-known manufacturer and it put our relationship with clients in a very uncomfortable position, even though it was out of our control. Clients rely on us to “Be the source” and have the foresight to prepare for these events. We will conquer this challenge by ensuring that we are dealing with reliable and predictable manufacturers who are going to be around for the long hall. Energy storage is becoming a core point in our business, so we will make sure our providers are the most reliable manufactures available to us and our customers.

What can consumers expect to see from CSUSA in 2019? Any big news?

With our residential and small business market share being our dominant core, we have realized this has created a strong and established “Grass Roots” foundation for solar in Georgia and is making a greater impact. By “Impact”, I mean more people are directly connected to solar and we plan on impacting consumers on a more granular level – and our customer base can expect to see us focus on this in the new year. In 2019, we plan on expanding. In the last 30 days, we’ve already implemented multiple interviews with people to expand our quality installation crew. We’re also looking to increase our market share in the commercial sector, as we have had many inquiries from commercial businesses who wish to go solar in the new year. This is so exciting to us, because it creates a stronger business base and the whole purpose of CSUSA was to create new jobs, new technology, new thinking and that’s what we are going to achieve in 2019.

What are you looking forward to most in the new year as founder and CEO?

When anyone thinks about Solar energy and energy storage in Georgia, they think of CSUSA. That’s our goal – To provide the best possible value, and service in the industry. We want to be the solar power resource long after the installation is complete because we don’t just build PV systems for our clients – we build relationships. I look forward to meeting all of the new faces who join the Creative Solar family and implementing a more sustainable business model. That’s probably the most exciting thing for me as a CEO – watching our company grow, creating new jobs in the fastest growing global industries and making an impact at the community level.

Why should consumers make solar energy a part of their new year’s resolution?

First of all, this is the last year to take advantage of the tax credit (26%) when they install solar in their home or business. Secondly, prices are better than they’ve ever been before, making it a great time to invest in solar energy and the value it brings to our homes. And last but not least, solar is viable, real and here to stay.

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