Thousands of Georgians are Turning to Solar and Batteries for Energy Security

Many homes and businesses across Metro Atlanta lost power early Monday. Extreme winds and storms swept through the region knocking out power lines, causing widespread power outages. However, for hundreds of Georgia residents solar and battery storage systems are keeping the lights on.

A solar + battery renewable energy resource enables you to produce your own electricity and save any excess electricity for use later. Battery banks allow freedom and flexibility as to when and how you want to power your home or business. For example, using stored solar energy during peak utility rate times will help offset your energy costs. You’ll gain the convenience and peace of mind that home or company will have electricity back up after a grid outage.

The solar power and battery energy network works separately while the grid is down providing you backup power. Meanwhile, it continues to store and provide power to the home from the energy produced by the solar panels. The battery even has the capability to proactively begin storing energy when it receives an alert from the national weather services. When severe weather is approaching the battery can fully charge itself in preparation for a potential grid-outage. 

Hundreds of new energy storage solutions have been installed all across the Metro Atlanta area just in the past two years. With a growing number of homes and businesses now looking to solar energy and an energy storage system to keep the lights on. The benefits brought by utility savings and back up power make going solar with energy storage a no-brainer.

“When the grid goes out in your neighborhood the solar panels on your have to quit producing power. To secure the safety of the lineman working on the utility grid,” says Seth Gunning, Sales Director, Creative Solar USA. “But when you have a battery included with your solar it creates a small microgrid. Thus making you independent of the utility while allowing your solar energy and battery storage system to power your life.”

In normal operation, a solar energy network eliminates the procurement of ever more costly electricity from the electric company. With an energy storage unit (or battery) any excess energy produced from solar panels is sent back into the grid. The energy stored in the battery can then be used during peak demand times or during a power outage.

This means that a homeowner will be able to save money on electric bills. Even as the utility company charges more for energy when the demand is at its highest. Utility rates in the United States are rising and will continue to for the foreseeable future. However, solar energy + an energy storage solution (or battery) helps avoid those spikes on your energy bill.

“Solar energy plus a battery provides free power during a grid outage. It also lets us take advantage of fluctuations in utility power prices. Which will save us a lot on our power bills all year round,” says John Bourdelon a homeowner in Roswell. Mr. Bourdelon’s solar and battery system went live in early 2020.

Even local governments, schools, community centers, and fire stations are beginning to rely on solar and battery storage systems. It also allows them to continue to run even when the grid goes down. The City of Tucker Georgia for example recently announced a partnership with Creative Solar USA. Along with sonnen, a major battery manufacturer located in Tucker, Ga.

The goal is to provide solar energy and battery back-up to the Tucker Community Center. The system is due to go live this year. At its completion, it will generate electricity and provide back-up power to the City of Tucker’s critical communications infrastructure and public charging stations. 

Also, earlier this year the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) launched the Solar Resiliency Technical Assistance Program. The aim is to provide conceptual analyses and technological assistance for approximately a dozen local governments. Usually with the local governments who are interested in implementing solar technologies and energy storage into their communities.

For more details on solar energy and batteries check out this article.

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