Join the Solar Community With Your Residential Solar Installer

Solar is more affordable than ever, and as installation costs come down, the benefits of solar for your home, your lifestyle and community are more accessible than ever, too.

The Creative Solar USA team is certified residential solar installer who provide cost effective and clean, renewable energy to homeowners and their communities.

Join the Creative Solar USA community of solar-powered homeowners.


Benefits & Incentives of Adding Solar to Your Home

The homeowner has many options available to control electrical costs. You can purchase the PV system outright, finance a percentage of it, or finance the entire solar energy system. No matter which route you choose to go, here are some of the benefits:

Reduces dependence on fossil fuels

Adds significant resale value to your home

Saves money on energy bills now & hedges against rising costs of power in the future

Solar may provide energy to your home during a power outage


Leaving a Legacy

Clean solar energy leaves a legacy of environmental sustainability to future generations. This is an excellent time to install solar power and reap the benefits for years to come. As part of our comprehensive approach, we Creative Solar USA your local residential solar installer, will help you identify available incentives in your area. Contacting your accountant to determine applicable incentives is the best approach.

Types of Residential Solar Installations


Rooftop installations on homes are becoming more common in populated areas due to the substantial benefits they provide as well as the ease and affordability of installation. Our team specializes in complicated rooftop scenarios and provides leading customer service to ensure your solar installation runs at peak performance while meeting your specific goals.

Ground Mount

Ground Mount solutions are incredibly popular in rural areas as well as locations with more available space. Key benefits of Ground Mount Solar Panel Kits include the ability to install larger PV systems that generate higher savings as well as the ability to be installed in regions that are unaffected by shade.

Custom Solutions

Creative Solar, your local resideintial solar installer, specializes in creating custom solutions that adapt to your specific home and needs. Our customized solutions include adding solar panels to unconventional locations on or around your home. We have extensive experience working with contractors to create new solar panel structures that provide the same benefits as rooftop or ground mounted installations.

How It Works

PV Cells Absorb Sunlight That Creates Electric Energy.

An Inverter Converts Direct Current into Alternating Current.

Power Flows from the Inverter to Your Structure’s Power System.

Produce Your Own Renewable Energy and Enjoy the Savings!

What to Expect

Most homeowners in Georgia have never shopped for their electricity. Creative Solar USA’s knowledgeable consultants will help you understand your electricity bill, advise on the utility plan that best serves your interests, and will provide an in depth analysis of how solar energy can help you save thousands of dollars on your electricity costs for years to come.

  1. When you first get in touch with us, a team member will answer any questions you have, learn more about your home and energy use, and get you scheduled to speak to a solar consultant
  2. Your solar consultant will provide a phone and online evaluation of your property to ensure viability of the home solar energy project and set-up on on-site consultation.
  3. Before the on-site consultation, we’ll request power bills for the home to identify energy cost and to calculate solar energy savings.
  4. During your site inspection, we’ll use tools to measure shading, investigate potential electrical issues to provide an accurate proposal
  5. While onsite your solar consultant will provide a detailed overview of available products and a financial analysis showing all the costs, savings, and benefits of a solar energy system for your home
  6. Once the proposal is accepted our team will install your PV system on your schedule. Installation is typically completed in one to three days.

Financing Options

You May Qualify for a Number of Financing Options Including:

Zero Money Down

Same as Cash

Monthly Energy Cost Reduction

Why Choose Creative Solar USA?

An inadequately designed solar energy system can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in the long term, that’s why it’s important to partner with a team that you can trust who has proven experience. Our NABCEP Certified Professional Installers work with licensed electricians and Professional Engineers to finalize the layout and design that will optimize your energy system. We will help you maximize any available incentives, take advantage of cost- saving opportunities, and guide you thorough any necessary paperwork required. Additionally we will ensure your system complies with all local, state and federal codes and regulations such as permitting, zoning and land use.

Once your system is installed, we will deliver all product service warranties and provide our own 5-year workmanship warranty, so you can be assured you have a clean energy partner for years to come.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The entire team at Creative Solar USA was great. They answered all of our questions and walked us through the entire process from start to finish. They were a great company to work with.” – Bo Quick, Senior Director of Environmental at Southwire

- Southwire

“Solar is a great opportunity to save money, but not only that it’s also a great opportunity for us to work with local companies like sonnen and Creative Solar USA.” – Frank Auman, Mayor of Tucker Ga

- Tucker Recreation Center

“We are so grateful to Creative Solar, they’ve been just an absolute dream to work with. Even in the middle of this COVID hit.” – Bren Dubay Director of Koinonia Farm Community

- Koinonia Farm

“They installed a 10k system on my business and a 5k system on my home. Both installations went well and are producing roughly what Creative Solar predicted.”

- Sean Butler

“If you want to learn more and/ or are considering investing in residential, talk to folk who know what’s going on and who provide wonderful care and service. The Creative Solar team will help you understand what’s going on and find the best solution for you. I had a wonderful experience; great knowledge and personal care; no pressure at all; and support during what turned out (with some issues we encountered around a battery) to be an extended process. I can’t say enough good things!”

- Gareth Young

“Glad to say, my system has been installed and is on line and there hasn’t been a single day that my electric meter hasn’t run in reverse. So, in conclusion, I highly recommend Creative Solar for all the above reasons, based on my experience with them. And when I’m ready to add a Generac unit to my clean energy system, Creative Solar can expect to get yet another call, from me!”

- Eric Byas