Solar in Atlanta, Georgia continues to be a secure investment and protection from utility hikes. With new incentives at the federal level, community programs that bring the price down, and city initiatives that call for more solar, there are multiple reasons to consider solar in the area. 

Let’s break down the most recent news on net metering. As of last week, we are expecting a 50,000 – 75,000 slot increase to the net-metering program. The pilot program was originally scheduled to only have 5,000 slots. Of those 5,000, 1,200 slots were filled on the first day. These are individuals who installed solar up to a year prior but had not yet received net-metering. This was due to the original allotted slots not being able to meet the demand for net-metering. 

The new found implementation of solar power and battery backups came into fruition due to the incentives and policies set forth by the Public Service Commission (PSC). Thanks to the initiative of individuals like Commissioner Tim Echols, it seems like there will be a push for expansion. We are always supporting the efforts to expand the access to net-metering in Georgia. We always try to do our best to encourage and educate the public to take action and call their representatives. This is a proven way to bring more incentives to the state of Georgia.

A big aid to solar in Atlanta was the community-based bulk-purchase campaigns that Solar Crowdsource carried out. The solarize programs contributed to a significant increase in solar power adoption due to the below-average market entry. Solarize programs helped to bring down the overall cost of solar by leveraging the power of a community to negotiate lower prices with a solar installer. CreativeSolar USA has been fortunate enough to have been selected for multiple solarize programs and to install over a thousand of solar-energy systems. 

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Atlanta is now a Rockefeller Foundation’s Opportunity Zone Community Capacity Building Initiative city and passed a clean 100% plan by 2035. The large-scale city initiative to buy electricity from renewable sources has encouraged businesses to also prioritize a clean energy source. Atlanta currently consumes 8.1 million kWh and is likely to expand to 9 million kWh by 2035. Atlanta adopted buying solar power generated electricity in Power Purchase Agreements commonly referred to in the industry as PPA’s.

PPA’s are typically 20-30 year agreements where an entity does not outright purchase the panels but the electricity instead. Typically the entity buying is saving money while also using clean and renewable energy. This win, win agreement is becoming more popular in Georgia. We know that there is much potential for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other government buildings to explore these options. Creative Solar USA is proud to offer power purchase agreements and help customers navigate this affordable option. 

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With all news about the federal reserve increasing interest rates there are still some options for residential solar loans and commercial money availability for solar system funding. The biggest advantage someone can give themselves is to find a qualified installer, typically an EPC who does their sales and marketing in-house. EPCs are Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies and are typically the highest quality installers. Now, if you combine an EPC who also conducts sales, it will typically guarantee no subcontracting throughout the installation process. This results in lower prices which benefit the customer the most. We at creative solar USA are a proud EPC and conduct the sales process internally. We have done over 1000 installations and continue to improve. Consider a quote from us if you are in the metro Atlanta area for an in-depth educative session. We also include a comprehensive plan of action.

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