At this point in our planet’s history, we are quickly approaching a unique turning point. It’s our responsibility to be good stewards of the way we treat the planet and the resources we take from it. We have an opportunity before us to turn to free and clean renewable energy sources to produce electricity.

Solar power’s lowest rates to date and tax incentives provide money-saving reasons to turn to the sun for power. Together when we make wise decisions about our energy consumption we can curb climate change threats while lightening utility charges.

Many today are buzzing about the benefits of adding clean solar power systems to homes and businesses. But most home or business owners are hesitant due to the upfront cost of adding solar. What many don’t know is that the efficiency savings will far surpass the initial cost to install the system.

At Creative Solar USA, our solar energy experts will accurately size your solar energy system to meet your personal energy goals. Creative Solar USA customers can choose to offset +50% of their energy costs or choose to offset less. Some customers even choose to start with a smaller system and add to it later.

Due to the individual needs of each of our customers, we custom design and fit each solar energy system we install. From day one, we help you gain full control over your energy usage and goals.

A new administration in Washington also sets its eyes on the future of clean energy, and it looks brighter than ever. Currently going solar in the year 2021 will make you eligible for a 26% ITC federal tax credit. This money-saving incentive is available for homeowners as well as business owners who go solar. As long as the system is installed before December 31st, 2022 one is eligible for the incentive with no cap.

Net metering offered by some utility companies in Georgia creates another avenue for solar power savings. When you convert sunlight into energy, you’re creating your own power source that saves money while saving the planet.

Additionally, ITC eligible energy storage options can add additional savings for the home or business owner. This means that owners of energy storage systems are eligible for an additional tax credit while avoiding peak energy rates.

The majority of homeowners who choose to add a solar system to their homes still remain tied to the utility grid. Because of this, solar energy owners can still be susceptible to peak energy rate times.

During the evening when the sun goes down energy rates can go up. Without a way to store solar energy made during the day, you will have to pay the utility company. Energy consumed outside of the solar power system will have to come from the utility provider at a cost.

Adding solar storage to your photovoltaic (PV) system gives you even more control over your energy consumption. Allowing you to avoid these peak rate times and lighten the load gathered from the grid.

Another perk of generating electricity using solar technologies and storing that energy is backup power. When the utility grid goes down due to a storm, your home or business can pull stored energy from the battery.

In the year 2020 alone the US solar energy market installed a record-setting 19.2GWdc of solar energy. This is a 43% increase over the year 2019. Solar energy technologies in the United States held the largest share of new generating additional capacity ever in 2020. Placing it first among all renewable technologies for the second year in a row.

SEIA electricity generating capacity

Solar power provides commercial and residential solar owners financial freedom by providing steady electric costs. Many utility companies rely on natural gas, oil, and coal to provide power to the grid. This causes the cost of these resources to be vulnerable to inflating markets.

This results in increased energy costs as time passes. However, you’re released from the concern of how much your utility company will charge you each month with solar energy. When you produce your own energy using solar panels you’re shielding yourself from the impacts of inevitable rising energy prices.

Another main saving point of solar energy is the maintenance free factor of solar cells. Many utility providers pass along their costly maintenance repairs to their customers. After a solar energy system is installed the panels themselves rarely provide any issues. Nor do solar panels typically demand service or even regular upkeep.

In the rare case that a solar power system needs attention, many manufacturers offer warranties. The vast majority of solar panels and inverters offer 25-year manufacturer warranties. This means you’re safely investing in years of low-cost reliable power that you can feel good about.

Additionally, with these warranties, many manufacturing companies will sometimes offer to fix issues at no cost to the homeowner. Unlike the majority of utility companies who will charge customers for similar situations.

Experts project that over the next 10 years solar will see its total operating fleet more than quadruple. In addition to the ITC extension, new financing options give the owner freedom of choice and flexibility. These new options extend the reach of solar energy to more people than ever before.

We offer several unique financing options here at Creative Solar USA. Our experts will walk you through all of your options to help you pick the best one for your needs. Give us a call today and schedule your free solar consultation at 770-485-7438.

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