Producing some of the best lithium batteries on the market is no easy task. The Sonnen Battery and the Tesla Powerwall 2 are excellent choices and today we break down each and what battery you should go with.

Sonnen Battery Size

Let’s start with going over dimensions. Sonnen Core has German engineering with American innovation. This highly advanced product comes in at 27 inches wide , 68 inches tall and 11 inches in depth.The battery weighs in at 348 lb and does not take up too much space. the battery can go either inside or in an enclosure that is ventilated which gives the homeowner many options for location.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Size

Let’s dive into talking about the dimensions and size of the Tesla power wall 2. Tesla has some of the best designers on the planet. The Tesla Powerwall simplicity. aesthetics, and practicality of the battery demonstrate the talent that works there. the low volume make this battery an excellent choice for smaller foot print homes. They come in at 30 inches wide, about 5 inches thick, and right over 45 inches tall. They about 251 pounds and can be placed on the wall or secured on a flat floor. This is a NEMA 3R rated battery meaning it can withstand the elements so its rated for inside and outside. We however usually recommend that the battery go inside or build an enclosure.

Sonnen Core

Sonnen Power

The Sonnen battery has a 4800 watt power rating and a 30 amp power surge for 5 Seconds. This is a good solution for essential loads during a grid outage and should give homeowners about 18 to 24 hours of back up without any additional solar being produced worth of backup power. Although this is not enough to back up a large Appliances like an HVAC system, it is suitable for smaller loads. We always recommend two or more batteries including starts when wanting to power whole homes or larger loads.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Power Surge

The Tesla Powerwall 2 has a continuous 5kW or 5000 watt power rating and a 7000 watt peak rating to help start larger loads. 5kW will get those essentials items going but we do not recommend having one battery for an HVAC system . Let me repeat we do not recommend having one battery for an HVAC  system. The Powerwall is also expandable and will come with a power increase and energy capacity increase.

Sonnen Battery Warranty

This battery has 10 kWh worth of storage capacity and has a game-changing 10 year warranty end 10000 cycle warranty. 1 cycle is charging to Max Capacity and charging down to minimal power. The Sonnen battery almost carries double the amount of cycle warranty when compared to many other brands. This warranty is very favorable for those wanting to use the time of use option that this battery has.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Warranty

Tesla comes in with a 10 year warranty which is quite standard in the industry. It has to be at 70% charge when those 10 years come. The powerwall is one of the most affordable lithium ion battery options available in the market. The powerwall 2 has 13.5 kWh worth of energy storage.

Tesla System

How long does the Tesla Powerwall last?

Most homes use about 30 kWh per day but 13.5 kWh will be enough for 24 hours for essential loads (essentials pics). Every 200 amp panel which is what most homes have, can have whole home back with two Tesla Powerwalls and enough solar.

Sonnen Battery Mode

The Sonnen battery also has emergency backup mode and self-consumption mode. Emergency backup mode allows it to stay full at all times and waits for the grid to go down. Self consumption mode allows it to fill up with solar and use during the night time.

Sonne X Factor

The Sonnen Core is an affordable option. However, it is a higher-quality lithium so the price point reflects steps. It does come in a bit more expensive than the Tesla however if you want the state-of-the-art technology Sonnen is an excellent choice for you. We also really like to install them because it is a stackable and expandable. Stackable in the sense that it does get a power and capacity increase the more units you install on the system and expandable because you can have more units with many of the existing technology and wiring.. We do like that it’s also an AC battery so you can use different inverters and micro inverters for the system. It gets excellent efficiency right at 94% Which is one of the highest in the industry.

Tesla Powerwall Final Thoughts

They have even increased prices three times in the last 3 years. The additional challenge is that Tesla’s inconsistent timelines for delivery have not been the most reliable. However they are a strong reliable product just like their vehicles and customers are the ones who benefit from it. We have little to none issues with this product. Aside from this Tesla also has emergency mode that kicks in when NOAA sends a severe weather alert. A complaint, though, is that Tesla does not allow homeowners to charge their battery from the grid as they state is becomes a liability issue and they don’t want to be in the gray area with the IRS, which by the way we endorse. Lastly if there ever is an issue, always contact your certified installer first and then they can get a Tesla rep involved if needed. 

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