Solar Power Savings: Eliminating Your Electric Bill

At this point in our planet’s history, we are quickly approaching a unique turning point. It’s our responsibility to be good stewards of the way we treat the planet and the resources we take from it. We have an opportunity before us to turn to free and clean renewable energy sources to produce electricity. Solar…

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Do Solar Energy Savings Pay Off?

solar energy save money

Harnessing sunlight for electricity is now more affordable than ever. But will it save you money? Around 2009, the cost of an installed residential solar energy averaged between $25,000 to $35,000 per home, according to Evergreen Solar – National Council for Solar Growth.  Compare this to 2016 when Evergreen Solar – National Council for Solar…

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Solar Energy Financing Options for Homeowners

financing solar energy

Financing Your Solar Energy System At Creative Solar USA, we are always searching for innovative approaches. Our goal is to support consumers wishing to obtain the tremendous benefits of solar energy. In some cases, however, the possible cost of renewable solar energy outright may be a barrier. Preventing homeowners from adopting solar energy. This hurdle…

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