Tesla Batteries and Inverters – Do They Live Up to the Hype?

The Tesla brand has rocketed to superstardom over the last decade for two main reasons:

1. Their dominance of the Electric Vehicle (EV) market
2. The charismatic (and polarizing) leadership style of Elon Musk

You’d have to be living under a rock to be unfamiliar with either of those points, so we’re not going to spend too much time on them.

At Creative Solar USA, we’re particularly interested in Tesla because of their battery and inverter technologies. Panels alone will not provide power to your building in the event of an outage unless you have a way to store the energy they produce. When we install rooftop solar for homeowners and businesses in Atlanta, GA, we often include battery systems to provide that necessary storage.

Out of the different battery brands we install, Tesla is one of the most popular.

Is it the right choice for you? Let’s break it down and see:

How are Tesla batteries unique from other systems?

All battery systems include an app that allows the user to track and manage their energy storage. In terms of usability, we’ve found the Tesla app to be a superior product compared to other systems. It provides much better visibility and intuitive controls.

That means you can spend less time talking to customer service and more time doing whatever it is you’d rather be doing. 

If a user-friendly app is a top priority for you, then Tesla is a strong option.

What’s this I hear about new Tesla inverters?

Excellent question!

Rooftop solar need inverters to change DC electricity (produced by your solar panels) into AC (what your house runs on). In the past, Tesla systems did not manufacture their own inverters. That required installers to pair Tesla products with other compatible brands, leaving solar buyers to deal with multiple companies any time an issue arose.

Fast forward to today, when Tesla has their own inverters that come with the battery unit. You can access your panel performance and inverter performance from the same app, which wasn’t possible before. No more bouncing back and forth between multiple apps or getting caught in the crossfire between companies.

This is a significant upgrade to an already strong product.

How do they stack up to others in price?

Tesla falls squarely in the middle where price is concerned. 

For comparison, we also install Enphase batteries that cost less, but have lower storage capacity. Homegrid, on the other hand, features the largest capacity and is our most expensive model. Depending on how much energy storage you need and how much space you have to install, you may be interested in different brands. 

Tesla represents a solid mid-range pricing option to go with mid-range size and storage. 

How does it rank in performance?

We haven’t had any performance-related issues or complaints to date. With that said, there isn’t a broad range of performance capabilities in the battery storage systems we install. You may want a unit with a larger capacity or a lower cost.

Aside from that, the actual function of the unit will not differ much from brand to brand.

How about overall value?

Taking into account the superior app controls, new inverters, reasonable mid-range price, and plus performance, we think Tesla batteries provide excellent overall value. 

As an added bonus, Congress recently passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which makes all solar panel and battery systems are eligible for a tax credit of 30% until 2032. So if you’re thinking about going solar, now is a great time to take the plunge.

So how do I get one?

We can help with that!

Creative Solar USA is a solar panel installation company based in Kennessaw, GA. Since 2008, we’ve provided high quality, sustainable solar power to Georgia homes and businesses. Our expert solar associates provide unmatched product knowledge, NABCEP certified installation, and attentive customer service from start to finish.

Request a quote online here: https://creativesolarusa.com/request-a-quote/

Or, give us a call at 770-485-7438 and we’ll get you started with an on-site assessment.

Overall reliability, ease of installation, take up less space than other batteries. Reliable after service

Slim down Inverter section, add above points to Overall Value section

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