In this changing world, reliability is in scarcity but battery storage is the solution.  Tesla Powerwall 2 and Enphase IQ battery seem to be some of the battery options that are taking over the industry and with much reason. They both are able to provide protection and save homeowners money. Today we break down which is the leader and which we would go with if we had to choose. 

Battery Size 
Tesla has some of the best designers on the planet and it shows with the Powerwall’s simplicity, aesthetics, and practicality. The low volume and compact size makes it suitable to fit in tight spaces , well made for smaller footprint homes. They come in at 30 inches wide, about 5 inches thick, and right over 45 inches tall. Powerwalls are bout 251 pounds and can be placed on the wall or secured on a flat floor. The Enphase IQ battery; formally known as the Encharge, size comes in at 42 inches in width, 12 inches thick, and about 26 inches in height. The battery weights right at 341 pounds so is a little heavier than the Tesla.

Battery Capacity 
The Tesla Powerwall 2 has 13.5 kWh worth of energy storage. Most homes use about 30 kWh per day but 13.5 kWh will be enough for 24 hours for essential loads. The Enphase IQ battery capacity is 10 kWh and comes in a touch smaller than Tesla the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Tesla Powerwall 2 + | Tesla Monitoring Application

Battery Safety and Chemistry
Tesla has a NEMA 3R rated battery meaning it can withstand the elements so its rated for inside and outside. We however usually recommend that the battery go inside or build an enclosure so the temperatures do not fluctuate and cause the battery to age quicker. The Enphase IQ Nema R3 rating allows it to go on the outside of the home and inside safely. However we strongly recommend you keep this indoors. The IQ is a lithium iron phosphate battery which will last a longer time. Enphase also brags puncturing an IQ battery will not cause it to catch fire unlike a Tesla Powerwall 2.

Battery Power
The Tesla Powerwall 2 has a continuous 5kW or 5000 watt power rating and a 7000 watt peak rating to help start larger loads. 5kW will get those essentials items going but we do not recommend having one battery for an HVAC system.  The Tesla Powerwall 2 is also expandable and will come with a power increase and energy capacity increase. Enphase comes in with a continuous output of 3840 watts or 3.84 kW and a peak of 5.7 kW or 5700 watts. This is all a little less than Tesla.

Battery Warranty / Life
Tesla comes in with a 10 year warranty which is quite standard in the industry. It has to be at 70% charge when those 10 years come. Enphase comes with a leading 10 year limited warranty and the option to extend the warranty for 5 years. The battery has to hold greater than 70% charge after those 10 years or 4000 cycles.

Battery Compatibility 
Tesla Powerwalls are compatible with Enphase micro inverters as well as Solaredge inverters. The Enphase IQ battery is only compatible with Enphase micro inverters and in not compatible with any other inverters. 

Battery Pricing
The Tesla Powerwall is one of the most affordable lithium ion battery options available in the market. It is actually our most affordable only by a couple hundred dollars right behind Enphase. Enphase dropped their IQ battery pricing about a year ago to compete more directly with Tesla.

Battery Customer Service
If an issue occurs always contact the installer first so they can get a Tesla representative. Enphase has a team of dedicated representatives to answer any questions and have proven to be more responsive in our experience.

Enphase IQ Battery Internal Components | Enphase Monitoring Application

Whole Home Back Up
Both Enphase IQ battery and the Tesla Powerwall 2 need to have a minimum of two batteries to back up an entire whole home. A soft start is recommended to also help with extending the time the home can run on the batteries.

Customer Battery Complaints
We have little to none issues with the Enphase IQ battery products. On of the few complaints we do have from though from customers is Tesla does not allow homeowners to charge their battery from the grid as Tesla states this becomes a liability issue and they do not want to be in the grey area with the IRS.

Enphase IQ Battery Best Feature
With the Enphase IQ battery solar panels will stay on and continuously fuel the home without the home having to pull from the battery first. One thing to consider is that a part of the solar system can turn off if it is over the max AC input for each battery. However with the IQ8s the entire solar system can stay on with an Enphase battery. A significant difference for this battery over Tesla is it offers the customer multiple modes of function. The IQ can charge from the grid at anytime the homeowner wants. In the event that you do not get a notification bad weather is coming but you in fact know it is, you can tell the battery to fill up with solar or the grid with just a click of a button on the app. 

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