Tesla Solar Shingles Announcement

Tesla Solar Shingles are some of the newest technology to hit the market. With a great brand and reputation that the company has, their investment in research and development is to admire. The new version 3 shingles adoption rate is going well and will continue to increase. The reason being is that Tesla is actually letting certified installers install the product. Guess who is the next certified installer in the state? You guessed correctly, we are now going to be accepting inquiries to get you on our list to contact when the certification is 100% complete. The top 3 things to look out for and know in the mean time in our opinion are below.

Tesla Solar Shingles Warranty

Tesla Solar shingles warranty are 25 years and are resistant to golf ball size hail and some hammer powered impacts. The tempered glass tiles comes with a 25 year warranty similar to most architectural shingles and also similar to the majority of tier 1 solar panels. Tesla’s website displays examples of strength tests. These extreme tests give homeowner confidence in the new technology and make it easier to justify the cost. 

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Although we Creative Solar USA, as a company are technology oriented, we always like to watch out for our customers. Like all new technology, there are kinks and bugs that have to be worked out. Manufacturers still send to the market so homeowners should not expect this technology to be perfect. We have seen this with Tesla’s other products like their cars and Powerwalls. We believe that the version 3 Tesla tiles will be ahead of the game with aesthetics and how end users receive it. Issues like installation time and the labor will potentially be troublesome as well. Homeowners should be patient with the installer they choose. Other issues like troubleshooting, and the amount of actual solar that can get on a roof is a problem we still are waiting to see for ourselves. Not all roofs are easy, low pitch, large faces, there are many roofs that are complex and call for greater attention to detail. 

Shingle Affordability

Elon Musk stated many times he wanted the roof to be more affordable than a new roof plus solar panels. This can occur, however we have to look at math. Let’s say a 2,000 square foot home cost $200,000 in the middle of Georgia. Another home that is 2,000 square feet but is located a few miles from downtown Atlanta is $500,000 . The solar shingle would ideally cost similar amounts however it might be more “affordable” for someone in the downtown area incase they decide to do a HELOC or 2nd mortgage.

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Some reports state that shingle installations can take days or even weeks with some installs. This either will drive up the cost massively or make certified installers break their margins which are both equally unfavorable for everyone. We want as many installers to be around now and in the future for the industry. Most likely we will see a larger cost for first adopters, then in the coming years a decrease in price.

Solar Shingles Secondary Positive Impact

One positive will be that many HOAs that previously turned down solar will likely approve of the shingles. This expansion of the overall market will increase all solar acquisition in the US and only push the industry forward.
All in all we are excited to be close to becoming certified installers for the technology. We are pioneers for new great technologies so we look forward to continuing to innovate the solar energy industry. 

Get in line to get a quote.

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