Many Georgians are turning to Solar Energy, here are a few of the top reasons why.

Solar power (or solar photovoltaics) is now cheaper than ever before. According to Freeing Energy, there are three main factors that drive solar energy prices. Increasing efficiencies, increased demand for larger manufacturing scale, and decreasing raw material prices.Bill Nussey, head of Freeing Energy, states that “Regardless of where the price of solar sits today, the three major trends driving its price down 300-fold will continue far into the future.” Along with lower costs for solar energy, we offer financing options that allow you to start saving from day one. As long as your solar energy system is installed by December 31st, 2020, you’ll qualify for the 26% federal tax credit.

Freeing Energy Solar Prices Dropping Creative Solar USA
The Plummeting Cost of Solar from The Freeing Energy Project

Solar technologies within photovoltaic cells today have the highest efficiency levels, some even above 20% depending on the manufacturer. A production ceiling of 20 percent for monocrystalline solar panels was unthinkable in the late 1980s. Dr. Martin Green’s team at New South Wales University in Australia however proved that it could be increased past that point.

Since then manufacturers like Solaria and QCell strive to hit efficiency levels above 20%. However, this is dependent on which type of panel you purchase. The overall performance enhancement of PV modules across the board which we see today makes solar energy more efficient. This also saves you more money on your electricity bills over the long term.

Georgia Power is now offering net metering to some solar customers. An adjustment has been made to the Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Tariff (‘RNR’).

According to the Rate Case held in December 2019. Consumers will now be able to sell any or all of their surplus solar energy to Georgia Power. At a price coinciding with the current market cost or retail rate.

The Georgia Power website states that along with the Commission, they are working to “implement the motion related to Behind-the-Meter solar installations and the impacts to the Renewable and Non-Renewable Tariff”. “Georgia Power customers who generate electricity may sell some or all of that electricity back to Georgia Power. Small generators [small commercial] (≤ 250 kW) are eligible to sell their [excess] electricity under the Renewable & Nonrenewable Tariff. Larger customers (≤ 80 MW) may sell their electricity as a Qualifying Facility.”

A solar panel energy system will pay for itself. Many United States households invested in solar power start watching their systems break-even within a few short years. Combined with a standard 25-year warranty on the system, your ROI is quickly positive.

You can run off the renewable energy source of solar both day and night saving you big on your utility costs. NREL states that “more energy from the sun falls on the earth in one hour than is used by everyone in the world in one year”. This means that the sun provides more than enough energy for your home or business each day for free. So why not utilize it for night use with a battery storage system that also offers backup power?

A solar energy battery helps you to store excess electricity produced by your solar panels during the day for night usage. It encourages you to circumvent elevated power prices in the early evening while also preventing your electricity costs from spiking. All while supplying your home or business with renewable energy and a stable storage network.

Solar Energy storage units (or batteries) can be used to up your entire home or just specific loads during a power outage. Energy storage systems like the Tesla Powerwall will store excess energy from your solar panels to power your home. With the Powerwall you can run your entire home for up to 7 days after a power outage on battery power. To understand how batteries operate, take a look at our article, ‘How to know if Solar Battery Storage is Right for Your Home’.

With each kilowatt-hour created by a solar PV system, carbon pollution is reduced by 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity. Which normally would be supplied by nonrenewable sources through the utility company. According to a study done by DOE, “Longer lifetimes ensure that fewer modules will end up in landfills, even if they are not recycled. “.

Each of our solar energy systems comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty ensuring you get the most out of your system. Additionally, each manufacturer we use has its own product warranties. Similarly, because of the warranty’s lifetime, solar energy will raise/increase the resale value of the home by $10k-$15k on average.

We also offer our own 5-year warranty on the installation of the system. Our warranty covers the installation of the array itself, electrical wiring, and the interconnection to the utility. Our warranty also protects the penetration of the roof, internal and external mechanical connections. As well as all electrical connections from the array to the meter of the customer.

Lastly, if you wish to finance your system we offer several financing options. Our innovative financing options offer a choice on how to budget for your solar power network, including zero dollars down options. Allowing you to start saving money on your utility costs from day one.

CSUSA is proud to be voted the #1 Top Solar Contractor 2020 in Georgia. We are also ranked #10 Residential EPC in the Nation. And #13 Solar + Storage EPC Solar Company in the Nation for 2020. We are honored to do important work here in Georgia.

Our work strengthens the workforce, the climate, and the financial well-being of families and enterprises throughout the state!!

When you’re ready to save money on your monthly utility costs, give us a call. We will be glad to show you all of the wonderful reasons to add solar energy to your home or business.

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