At Creative Solar USA, we are always searching for innovative approaches to support consumers wishing to obtain the tremendous benefits of solar energy. In some cases, the possible cost of renewable energy may be a barrier that might prevent homeowners from adopting solar electricity to save money on their power bills.

Financing your solar energy system with the right financial resources will help you to save big on your electricity rates. By generating your own electricity without any cash out of pocket you can start saving from day one. Installing a solar panel system also brings stability to your home’s growing electrical costs and makes you eligible for a 26% federal tax credit. While electricity rates by state continue to rise, your low-cost solar loan remains locked in to hold your solar savings as the years go by.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’re officially providing financing solutions with solar loans from EnerBank to help you save huge bucks on your energy costs!

Guaranteed by FDIC, EnerBank USA is a highly qualified regional mortgage lender that supports strategic business associates and individual home improvement contractors. EnerBank provides a range of lending solutions for your solar ventures including Same-As-Cash and low-interest loans with monthly fixed payments. Additionally, the inventive Combination Loan remains a very common choice for those who want to go solar. 

Below you’ll find a break down on how solar finance operates and view four of the best solar options offered by Creative Solar USA and EnerBank.

solar energy financing

There are three loan characteristics you will want to consider when funding your home solar energy system via EnerBank: lowest overall loan rate, lowest monthly payment, and longest no-monthly payment period.

Here is a run-down of our most popular options:

Our 24-month 0% interest Same-As-Cash solar loan is a perfect deal for homeowners who have capital but want to keep it as long as possible until they pay their solar bill. Although solar is an excellent financial venture, maybe your stocks are booming right now and you really don’t want to sell to pay for solar.

  • Upon earning energy savings for 23 months, the benefits from reduced electricity rates and the income tax credit will pay back the loan, and the interest is forgiven!

Our 4.99% 20 years Triple Re-Amortization Loan provides homeowners with no payments for 18 months and minor payments for the remainder of the period. This ensures you’re going to get your federal tax credit and a year of major electric bill savings before you even owe a cent on your solar loan. When you start making regular payments they’re likely to be smaller than the huge savings you’ll see on your utility bill.

  • It’s designed to allow you to be cash-positive the first month after the real loan payments began. Loan payments are re-calculated after the first 18 months and then again every 12 months for the next two years. Anything you have chosen to advance on the loan term in the first 18 months will reduce the total amount for your monthly payments moving forward.
  • A type of loan like this helps you to invest the tax-credit portion of the solar project and then choose how to pay off the loan once you obtain the incentive.

Our 1.99% 12 years lowest-interest Solar Loan is excellent for solar array owners looking for the lowest total lifetime financing costs. Such a low-interest loan will save you thousands of dollars on the overall cost of financing your solar system.

  • While the average monthly payment could be larger than on a 20 years long term contract, it’s worth it in the future. In turn, the net value of the loan is lower making it one of their more popular solutions ideal for those trying to pay back the debt fast.

Our 4.99% 20-year Solar Combo Loan is good for owners of solar energy who want to pay as least expense as possible each month. You’ll be required to remit the solar tax credit with a Combo-Loan after it’s won, then you’ll incur interest-only payments for the first 18 months.

  • In return, you get the lowest monthly charges right out of the gate. Such type of credit is targeted to borrowers willing to use their solar tax benefit to offset a portion of the principal debt amount. This thereby minimizes their funding costs while maintaining the initial interest rate and conditions of the loan.

Since EnerBank specializes in loans for home renovation, they are certainly armed with answers to any solar financing questions you might have.

Even if you have a fantastic rapport with your bank to which they will offer you loans for a home equity loan or credit line for your solar panel project. However, you might also want to equate the long-term wellbeing of their alternative to EnerBank’s solar loan renewable energy options.

We are proud to offer a variety of solar finance solutions that deliver ZERO dollars down options. Contact us TODAY to get started and find out how much a renewable energy source, solar energy will save you. Our professional team would be delighted to support you in every phase of the process and to ensure you have the right solution to suit your needs.

*loan options are solely available to those who qualify – contact CSUSA for qualification details*

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