Agricultural Solar Installations

Electricity is one of the highest monthly expenses on many farms. Solar Power helps farmers cut that high monthly expense so that cash can be used to support the farm in other ways. Reliably and consistently reducing expenses helps increase profit and ensure higher profitability. In this day in age solar farms have exploded in popularity for the benefits and incentives.

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Benefits & Incentives of Adding Solar to Your Business

Creative Solar’s knowledgeable team has experience successfully applying for REAP grants and can connect your project to other local and utility incentives to ensure you get the most affordable system possible. 

Reduces high electricity costs by 50-60%

Solar output matches most expensive utility costs

Provides extra income between growing times

25 Year Warranty for peace of mind

USDA REAP Grant can cover 25% of cost


Just like a new tractor, greenhouse, or irrigation system Solar Energy systems are depreciable but are also eligible for USDA REAP Grants. Federal Tax Incentives, depreciation, and USDA grants can cover the vast majority of the upfront system costs. 

With payback periods of just +4 years on equipment warrantied for 25 years, a solar energy system may be one of the most profitable investments you make for your farm for decades to come.

Patten Seed & SuperSod was one of the agricultural projects developed through the Solarize Middle Georgia campaign. Check out the project recap video here.

Jake's Fresh Market in White, GA, added solar power in 2012 as a way of keeping a "green" footprint in the community while reducing their overall cost of operation.

Rural businesses like Herrin's Family Farm can maximize the value of solar through REAP grants available through the USDA. Check out the project recap video here.

REAP Grant offers an additional 25% savings for the farm.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The entire team at Creative Solar USA was great. They answered all of our questions and walked us through the entire process from start to finish. They were a great company to work with.” – Bo Quick, Senior Director of Environmental at Southwire

- Southwire

“Solar is a great opportunity to save money, but not only that it’s also a great opportunity for us to work with local companies like sonnen and Creative Solar USA.” – Frank Auman, Mayor of Tucker Ga

- Tucker Recreation Center

“We are so grateful to Creative Solar, they’ve been just an absolute dream to work with. Even in the middle of this COVID hit.” – Bren Dubay Director of Koinonia Farm Community

- Koinonia Farm

“They installed a 10k system on my business and a 5k system on my home. Both installations went well and are producing roughly what Creative Solar predicted.”

- Sean Butler

“If you want to learn more and/ or are considering investing in residential, talk to folk who know what’s going on and who provide wonderful care and service. The Creative Solar team will help you understand what’s going on and find the best solution for you. I had a wonderful experience; great knowledge and personal care; no pressure at all; and support during what turned out (with some issues we encountered around a battery) to be an extended process. I can’t say enough good things!”

- Gareth Young

“Glad to say, my system has been installed and is on line and there hasn’t been a single day that my electric meter hasn’t run in reverse. So, in conclusion, I highly recommend Creative Solar for all the above reasons, based on my experience with them. And when I’m ready to add a Generac unit to my clean energy system, Creative Solar can expect to get yet another call, from me!”

- Eric Byas