Non-Profit Solar Installations

Non-Profit organizations are usually operating under limited budgets and funding for operational costs can be hard to come by. Reducing their energy bills through a solar energy system will liberate additional funds to support their cause.


Benefits of Adding Solar Solutions to Your Non-Profit

Lowered dependence on fossil fuels

Zero dollars down models through third-party ownership or SEPAs.

Reduced energy bills translate into increased funds for the organization's mission.

Saves money on energy bills & hedges against rising energy costs in the future

Grant eligibility opportunities through entities such as Southface or GIPL.

Alternative energy leaves a legacy of environmental sustainability to future generations


We’re proud to offer wide range of customization options. By combining our years of expertise and industry knowledge it allows us to achieve limitless possibilities of solar energy variations. At Creative Solar USA, we understand that every customer’s needs are different and come with their own distinctive set of requisites. A number of components go into ensuring your solar power and/or home battery system is suited properly to fit your individual specifications. With our NABCEP Certified Installers, licensed electricians, and Professional Engineers our goal is to make certain that your system is durable and sustainable by aligning it with your energy needs now and for years to come. Our extensive expertise allows us to assess each individual client’s electric usage circumstances and provide cost-saving solutions customized to each of the aspirations for their solar energy unit.

Our team of experts can create unique and creative custom solar installations built into unconventional locations on or around your property. We pride ourselves in creating unique and creative solar structures, and we’ll work hard to create a custom PV Array built to fit your needs and exceed your expectations. If you can think it up, we can install it!

At The SAE School, Creative Solar partnered with Southface Institute and other entities to design, build and finance a solar array that will reduce SAE School's monthly energy costs without any cash down. These types of agreements in Georgia are known as Solar Energy Procurement Agreements. Visit these links to learn more about SEPAs and Southface Institute's Energy Efficiency Initiatives.

We are proud to support Koinonia Farm's mission in Americus, which happens to be the first place where a commercial solar panel was installed back in 1955! GIPL participated with a zero-interest loan that helped in the financing of the project. Visit this link to learn more about GIPL.

Dr. William Edwards, at Dalton Pediatrics, chose a 26kW array at his private practice, generating about half of his own energy consumption needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The entire team at Creative Solar USA was great. They answered all of our questions and walked us through the entire process from start to finish. They were a great company to work with.” – Bo Quick, Senior Director of Environmental at Southwire

- Southwire

“Solar is a great opportunity to save money, but not only that it’s also a great opportunity for us to work with local companies like sonnen and Creative Solar USA.” – Frank Auman, Mayor of Tucker Ga

- Tucker Recreation Center

“We are so grateful to Creative Solar, they’ve been just an absolute dream to work with. Even in the middle of this COVID hit.” – Bren Dubay Director of Koinonia Farm Community

- Koinonia Farm

“They installed a 10k system on my business and a 5k system on my home. Both installations went well and are producing roughly what Creative Solar predicted.”

- Sean Butler

“If you want to learn more and/ or are considering investing in residential, talk to folk who know what’s going on and who provide wonderful care and service. The Creative Solar team will help you understand what’s going on and find the best solution for you. I had a wonderful experience; great knowledge and personal care; no pressure at all; and support during what turned out (with some issues we encountered around a battery) to be an extended process. I can’t say enough good things!”

- Gareth Young

“Glad to say, my system has been installed and is on line and there hasn’t been a single day that my electric meter hasn’t run in reverse. So, in conclusion, I highly recommend Creative Solar for all the above reasons, based on my experience with them. And when I’m ready to add a Generac unit to my clean energy system, Creative Solar can expect to get yet another call, from me!”

- Eric Byas