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Enphase IQ Battery (Edition 2 is Slim)

The Enphase IQ Battery integrates with micro inverter solar systems to store excess energy generated during the day and makes it available when you need it, minimizing reliance on your utility.
Learn why Enphase stand outs : Video
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enphase battery

Easy two person installation

We have installed many of the batteries and are experts in making it done fast and effective.

enphase inside battery

100% Microinverter Compatible

Have an older model microinverter? We can help you upgrade them and get a new Enphase Battery.

solar powered homes

Seamless backup power — with or without solar

Wheather there is sun or no sun, the battery can work with or without solar.

Gold Level Certified Installer for Enphase Products

Creative Solar USA is a proud installer of Enphase Products and trust them with hundreds of installations over the past years. We are exctied about Enphases IQ Battery and the developement it will have.