homegrid lithion

Stay powered with HomeGrid — the most powerful battery technology day and night, even during grid outages.

We're proud to have a partner in HomeGrid, a leader in whole home battery backup to offer you a new way to back up your home without any compromises. 

HomeGrid manufactures USA made battery systems that back up entire homes and pairs with residential battery systems that bottle up the sun's energy to power your home with clean energy when you need it. This battery is smart and can be viewed and controlled form your cellphone. 

Adding the HomeGrid battery back up to your home also keeps the power on through unexpected power outages, giving you resiliency and greater energy independence. Homegrid pairs with many solar inverters and can be increased to provide days of power even if the sun does not come out. 

  • Store clean, abundant solar energy anywhere from 9.6 kWh up to 38.4 kWh on one inverter.
  • Reduce your electric bills and subscribe to your utilities electric vehicle time of use rates. This compounds your savings and the batteries practicality.
  • Increase your independence from the utility grid while adding value to your home

HomeGrid designs the more powerful whole home back-up battery. We know Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries are the future. Compared to more traditional battery compositions, LFP batteries are sustainably sourced, easier to recycle, have longer lifespans, and have drastically better performance over time.

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